Esports: Everything You Need to Know

For some, it could already be argued that esports betting has already gone mainstream in the US, although others might suggest that there is still a way to go before it does.

Of course, many will perhaps look at placing bets on traditional forms of sporting events, such as American Football, Basketball, Baseball, and others, however, more and more have recently turned to the esports market in recent years.

One reason why this may have happened is perhaps due to the impact that the pandemic had, as physical activities were largely postponed, thus forcing bettors who were able to experience legal online wagering for the first time to look for alternatives. Another, though, could just simply be due to the array of options that they now have.

There is no denying the impact sports betting has had across the US in recent years. You only have to look at the list of sportsbook apps available to see that all the major names in US gambling are now involved.

The video game industry has certainly grown in the past two decades. When the first popular gaming consoles first came out, they were considered little more than children’s toys. Nowadays, however, video games are enjoyed by people of all ages, from children to adults. The popular games have gotten a lot more grandiose and cinematic, and even indie games have managed to break through into the mainstream and become super popular. The gaming industry has grown into a multi-billion-dollar force.

One byproduct of this popularity is the rise of eSports, or competitive gaming. Competitive gaming has been around since the 90s, however, today it is a legitimate league, with professional players competing in teams or as individuals in multiple different games. Naturally, this has sparked an interest among punters. But will eSports betting ever reach the heights of other sports betting in the United States?

Sports Betting in the United States

Before we talk about the state of eSports, we have to discuss sports betting in general, and how it works in the United States. Sports betting is considered a state matter, meaning that any state within the country can legalize betting if they so choose. So far, twenty-eight states have legalized some form of sports betting, and a good chunk of them have developed quite the industry surrounding the activity.

Another thing to talk about is the popularity of sports-based betting. Sports betting is pretty popular in the United States, and it is steadily growing in popularity. For example, in 2021, the amount of people who wager on their favorite sport increased by 30%, and the number has been growing since.

Esports betting can still expand

Whilst the question about esports betting being mainstream in the US already is debatable, it would be hard to argue against the idea that the market can still experience a huge amount of growth in the future and expand further.

Naturally, there are a number of factors that will help to highlight just why this particular betting market can continue in its ascent and compete with the more-traditional markets found, with many of them making growth an inevitable outcome.


For many players, the odds that are available to take advantage are generally all that matters. Many will be attracted by the prospect of being able to win a potential figure back from the odds that have been set, and with eSports continuing to remain competitive in this regard, there is no doubt that the betting market can continue to grow.

The most popular betting sports in the States should come as no surprise to anyone. The most obvious, and indeed biggest, draw for punters is American football. Football events consistently draw the biggest crowd of punters, and the highest bets. As an example, let’s take the most recent Super Bowl, which drew in bettors from all over the country.

Thousands of people from every corner of the United States placed bets ranging from low-stake, friendly wagers, to high-stake bets in the number of millions. In fact, the highest recorded bet in this year’s Super Bowl was a $5 million, money line bet, on the Bengals.

Other major draws for punters include baseball, hockey, basketball, college sports, and boxing. The question is, can eSports keep up?


Esports is an activity that many are already streaming via the use of various platforms, whilst sportsbooks are also able to do so now. This will instantly help to propel the betting market into the mainstream in the US, as many will want to be able to see what is happening at the same time as they place a bet, as it can provide them with an insight as to what may happen, rather than placing a wager on blind probability.


The length of an eSport can be something that is rather favorable compared to traditional sports, which can have a profound impact in the future on the betting market. For instance, an NFL match will typically last around three hours, whilst tennis will go on until a winner is declared. Esports competitions may only take a matter of minutes, thus allowing gamblers to make a number of wagers in the same period of time a traditional sport may take.


As we’ve shown, Americans love competition, and they love to bet. This, combined with the fact that the United States of America has the second-highest video game market in the entire world, makes it a certainty that eSports will, indeed, break through to the mainstream in the United States eventually.

In fact, in States where online betting is legal, eSports betting has already seen major popularity, so it is only a matter of time before it spreads to the rest of the country and becomes just another part of American culture.  With the factors outlined above, it is undeniable that esports will enter the mainstream betting market in the US if it has not already. It would appear that it is inevitable as there are a number of favorable factors that many will be able to enjoy!