Alehandra13 (CC0), Pixabay

Televisions have evolved, and there are many new features to look forward to in 2022. The recently concluded CES 2022 showed what improvements engineers made—from improved resolution to HDMI 2.1, there is something for everybody.

Today, we will look at the most recent developments unveiled during International Consumer Electronics Show (CES).


This new television comes in a new size at 42 inches. It is excellent news for people who want a model like this but cannot afford the 77-inch version. The price is unknown, but people are excited to buy it, assuming that since it is smaller, it is also much more affordable. When they announced this, they showed not only the 42-inch but also a 97-inch version. They bumped up the TV’s brightness and added features like multi-user profiles. The TV has webOS software.

Every HDMI port on the TV is 2.1, which means it supports higher video resolutions. They can also provide the viewers with faster refresh rates. They are capable of running 8K60 and 4K120. They can even manage to display resolution at 10K. Since it has internet capabilities, you can even access gaming sites like from it.

Sony X95K Mini-LED

The Sony Bravia line features next-level technology that they call Cognitive Processor XR. The TV can reproduce the content in the same way we humans can see or hear it. As such, viewers can have a life-like experience when watching.

It has an intelligent processing system that can produce realistic pictures. There are thousands of mini-LEDs in the TV, and it has a component that controls the LEDs, which they call XR Backlight Master Drive. The result is enhanced contrast and high brightness.

With billions of colours, the picture you see is accurate to the last dot. It also has Google TV, Google Assistant, plus streaming apps. You can watch videos on this TV while streaming from your Apple device through AirPlay.

The TV also comes with ultra 4K HD, plus Dolby Vision4. No matter where you sit, you will get wide viewing angles, and the colours will not change. On top of all that, the TV has an anti-reflective screen to reduce glare.

Vizio M-Series Quantum X 4K

Vizio’s TV for 2022 is geared towards gamers. They also call it the M50QXM-K01. It sports 4K , and it is an ideal screen for high-end consoles like the PS5 and the Xbox Series X.

A feature that stands out is the Quantum Color, which delivers superior performance for gamers. The technology allows for dazzling brightness, which makes games more realistic and vivid. It produces deeper blacks and better contrast so you can see the video in detail.

The Vizio M-Series uses quantum dots, which allows it to produce brighter colors. It was designed to have powerful and variable refresh rates, which is great for gaming. It has a 55-inch screen, and some models can go as low as $700.

While this TV has legs, it is best mounted on the wall. If you want it to stand, you must have a big TV stand to accommodate it.

It also has local dimming and backlighting technology, which will automatically adjust according to the content that the TV is playing. Like what LG has unveiled, this one uses two HDMI 2.1 ports—excellent if you want to use advanced soundbars like the eArc. You must use speakers or soundbars because the speakers of this unit are small.

TCL XL Collection

TCL unveiled its new line, which included the X9 and the QLED TV. The X9 is what captured the attention of people, as it offers 8K resolution with Dolby Vision and HDR Smart Google software. It uses a Mini-LED TV that is helping TCL get into the premium market.

It does have smart applications, and you can access online content. It has an integrated multi-function stand and also a built-in webcam that you can use for video conference calls.

At 85 inches, the TV has refined LED backlighting, and it was paired with QLED enhancements. As such, it can produce an 8K resolution. It is also the thinnest TV that TCL has ever made. The TV comes with a multi-speaker array, which means it can produce high-quality audio. The TV is currently selling at $10K, and it is by far the most expensive TV that TCL is selling.

On top of the Google TV features, the TV has microphones, which means it can hear your commands pretty well. There are four HDMI ports, and two of them are HDMI 2.1. The TV is compatible with soundbars like eArc. It also offers a high refresh rate, which makes it excellent for gaming.