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Wall mounting can be very beneficial for your space, it saves space and makes your room look clean and simple and you don’t have to worry about the wires hanging about. However, it is so important to plan how to wall mount TV and if your place is okay to do it. Ask yourself these questions before you decide on getting your TV on the wall to avoid a disaster. Alternatively, you can just have professionals come in and check everything for you. To contact professionals, Click Here.

Is there enough room for the devices?

This is a question you should consider, especially if you have a console, DVRs, or other things connected to your television. Once the TV is wall-mounted, it will be important to have space to put all these linked devices on. Moreover, you will need to ensure that they are still able to connect to the TV. An easy way to do this is by building a floating shelf right below where you wall-mount the TV. Alternatively, you can build a bookshelf that carries all your devices. Drill holes in the back of the bookshelf to add your chords.

What will you do with the chords?

A wall mounted TV will be able to give you the sleek look you desire only if all the chords are hidden. It is important to understand that the mess of wires hanging next to the television can ruin the entire look. So, it is important that you have a cord concealing plan, which is figuring out how you are going to hide the chords. One way to do this is by having the chords installed inside the wall by professionals or by getting a power outlet right behind the wall mount TV so the chord doesn’t dangle. Alternatively, you can just purchase a cord hider that will camouflage your wires.

How do the walls look?

The most important thing to consider when wall mounting a TV is whether or not the walls can handle it. Even the lightest televisions can destroy your walls if they don’t have studs installed in them. Studs are basically panels that give structure to the wall and allow heavy things to get support. Do not, under any circumstances, wall mount tv onto a dry wall. Not only will the wall break, but the TV will fall down as well. You can use a stud finder to figure out if you have them and where they are.

Where are you mounting it?

The location makes all the difference. Above the fireplace may seem like the best answer to you, but really, it is not. If you are planning to wall mount the television above the fireplace, only do it if you watch television once in a while. If you watch it regularly, heat and soot will damage the TV. Moreover, if it’s placed at an angle, you will have a sore neck every time you watch television.

Where are the ports?

The type of ports present on your TV will determine the kind of mount you should purchase. If the holes are at the back of the Television, you will need a wall mount that can move outward. These mounts will also allow you to adjust the angle of the television so you can adjust it at any angle. Moreover, if you have lots of devices that you connect to the television, it’s good that you get the adjustable mounts otherwise you will be unmounting the tele every time you want to add a device.

Consider the angle

What angle will the TV be placed at and what angle will you be watching it from? These are some extremely important questions that you should have the answers to before mounting your TV. Make sure that the TV is not too high or low and that you feel comfortable when you are watching it. Analyze the direction of the sunlight and try to not have your television anywhere where the sunlight is direct. Also, consider the placement of the rest of your furniture.

Most TV’s have LCDs and they look really bad when looked straight at. Placing your TV at an angle will help you deflect this straight angle and will in fact help you view it better. Use mounts that allow you to pivot your TV downwards so that you can watch it comfortably.