In the 20th century, artificial intelligence was one of the main themes of science fiction stories. But today people don’t even notice how they use systems of neural networks and machine learning. In present-day conditions, it’s very difficult to find an area that hasn’t been affected by modern high-tech tools. And this is a huge step into the future.

Today we will tell you which areas are radically changing today thanks to AI solutions.


AI is especially valuable in the healthcare industry, as it helps doctors structure a large bulk of data about human pathologies and prepares a patient’s treatment plan. Some artificial intelligence can determine a person’s genetic disposition to specific diseases. And all this is done in a matter of minutes.

The most famous computer diagnostician is IBM Watson Health. It stores millions of medical documents and records and makes diagnoses in the most accurate way. However, it only gives advice, and the doctor himself should decide on the diagnosis and methods of treatment.


The introduction of AI technologies in manufactory is associated with the automation of production processes and the reduction of the staff. The machine with an artificial intelligence system does all the routine work: creates product elements, predicts scrap components, and optimizes assembly processes.

The Chinese company Xiaomi plans to build the most modern smartphone factory that will work without people. The new plant will be able to produce over 10 million devices per year. At the same time, their market price will be decreased due to the reduction of the production cost.

Finance and banking

AI in the financial arena is primarily about fraud prevention. For example, the PayPal payment system also uses a neural network that detects suspicious activity. The system analyzes transactions according to several behaviors developed by the electronic system. This reduces the number of fraudulent transactions and false alarms.

Artificial intelligence is also appreciated in lending services: it simplifies the analysis of the history of borrowers, accelerates decision-making on granting loans, and reduces the number of late or unpaid payments.

Many digital banking software development companies use automated control systems that investigate and detect suspicious activity, automatically complete a report and send it to the appropriate authorities for investigation.

Business and trading

Neural networks are actively involved in retail and business. Since 2017, Bossa Nova robots have been working in Walmart stores. They inspected all supermarket branches three times a day, checking store shelves for all assortments, incorrect price tags, or purchased products. The collection and analysis of information took place thanks to specially developed software with elements of artificial intelligence. The data was transferred to the logistics department. However, during the pandemic, the store abandoned robots, although the idea was great.


The organizers of the baseball, football and basketball teams analyze the individual data of the players, their technique, and fit. Artificial intelligence, using this data, helps to predict the potential of athletes.

Another example of using AI technology is predicting match results based on the experience and physical condition of the sportsmen, weather conditions, and location.

Final words

In whatever area AI is used, it’s like Aladdin’s lamp: smart algorithms simplifies and improves the quality of tasks performed, reduces the load on human resources, and optimizes many processes. That is why artificial intelligence will become an irreplaceable part of our future.