Shadow Fight Special Edition is a fighting-based video game that proffers elements of action and adventure. The game provides very interesting and alluring features. The post below will introduce you to all the amazing new set of features of the Mod Apk that you can download via an apk downloader.

So, if you are wondering what’s the hype about Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk then we suggest you stay glued and keep your curiosity equally high. Continue reading the post to get all the information that you wish to know about this special mod.

What makes Mod Apk different from the original game?

The Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition is a modified version of the original Shadow Fight 2 game. This new update has brought a lot of new and interesting features for the players. The features provided by the original game are also available.

In addition, the advanced version proffers many other exciting features to allure all the players towards playing this android game. Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk is an action and adventure-based mobile game offering a lot of fun and entertainment to the players while playing it.

If we talk about the features then the first and the most significant feature of this update is the advertisement-free experience of players while playing the game.

The players wouldn’t have to tolerate the advertisements that come in their way of playing it. They can now experience distraction-free gaming service and hence no advertisement will pop up in the middle of the special moment that distracts the players.

Apart from this, the game provides unlimited energy to the players which will help them to enhance their performance as well as experience while playing the game.

The unlimited energy will help them defeat their enemies quickly without much hassle or complications. Generally, the players are supposed to complete certain levels to achieve a certain amount of energy.

But, with the new update, the players will get access to unlimited energy without the trouble of completing several levels or missions.

However, the list of features offered by the Mod Apk doesn’t end here. The list of the same is quite long. If you wish to know more about the new features proffered by Mod Apk or the Special Edition then continue reading further. The next section will provide deeper insights into the list of features that the game proffers.

Features offered by Special Edition Mod Apk

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk is incredibly a very impressive android game offering a long list of features to the players while playing the game. The game doesn’t just provide an ad-free experience to the players but also proffers unlimited energy as has mentioned in the above section already. Some of the interesting features of this new update have been highlighted below:

  • Unlimited money and gems

The game proffers unlimited money and gems. No specific levels to be completed to gain access to gems or the money. The currency in this mobile game is required for many purposes such as upgrading the weapons or skills of the character, purchasing several types of equipment, or various other upgrades.

The unlimited access to the currency will enhance the player’s game and help him to defeat the enemies with ease.

  • Unlimited energy

The game now offers unlimited energy which means that the players would not be required to limit themselves to defeat more enemies due to lack of energy. The game is now free from any sort of energy requirement.

So, the players could play without any restriction. They can fight as many battles as they wish to. This gives a great amount of exposure to the world.

  • Tons of new weapons

The new and updated version of the game provides the players access to not just unlimited currency but also new weapons. With the unlimited currency, the players would be able to purchase new weapons as well as new armors.

They would also be able to upgrade these weapons and armors as per their requirements. With the gems and money, the players can purchase the weapons anytime from the store.

  • Different worlds

There are several different worlds in the game. Every world has its boss or villain that the players have to defeat. There are around seven distinct worlds in the game. You can become the most powerful shadow fighter in the entire universe.

A different world in this game will have different powerful villains. With every new world the power of the villain increases and hence it becomes difficult to kill them.

  • Free to play

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk is free to download and play on Android4Fun. It doesn’t require you to pay even a penny to enjoy the features offered by the advanced version.

The game is extremely fun to play with the Mod Apk version as it provides various interesting and exciting features to the players while playing the game.

The features of the Mod Apk don’t end here. The list is quite long as the game offers enormous features. These were some of the significant features of the Mod Apk version of the android game.

It is a fighting-based game that indeed provides a lot of adventures and challenges to the players. So, if you admire playing action and adventure-based mobile games then you indeed should give a shot to this engrossing and appealing video game.

Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition Mod Apk is a very interesting fighting mobile game. It has a very unique storyline with improved graphics to retain the interest of the players while playing the game.

The sound quality too is very impressive. So, if you wish to engage yourself in this engrossing and alluring android game then do not wait. Start playing the game to get all the fun and kick in your life.