Enter a casino as a casual visitor and you’ll see a myriad of different games, flashing invitingly. At first glance, they all look pretty much the same, don’t they? Things seem simple enough – you choose the theme you like, put in a coin, spin the reels and cross your fingers. Well, you should know that the slot machine experience is far from simple. If you wish to gain some serious wins, there’s a lot to learn about the types of slots and their performance.

When it comes to slot machines, online or not, one is really spoiled for choice. There are jackpots, themed slots, classics slots, even video slots. And with technology ceaselessly developing in the field of online gambling, the choices seem endless. In this guide, we uncover the secrets of different slot machines you can find, so you can enjoy the best possible gaming experience.

Let’s start with the classics

Classic slots have not yet lost their appeal, and there are still many who prefer them to new versions. The gameplay in itself is very similar to all new high-tech slot software and graphics available. You can expect three reels, and well-known symbols such as fruits (thus the name “fruit machines” or “fruities”), bells, bars and the number seven. Before buttons and touchscreens, these machines were operated by large mechanical levers at their sides. This feature earned them the name “one-armed bandits” as well as the fact that they often emptied the players’ pockets.

A fun classic slot-related fact few are aware of is that when they first appeared, slots did not give out monetary prizes once matching icons aligned on the reels. Unlike the different types of slot machines we have today, what players used to get were tokens which could later be exchanged for different goods. Up until the 1960s, slot machines kept their original design. Then, they were revolutionized due to the implementation of the electro-mechanical designs, and started to resemble the ones we are familiar with today. However, their initial flare hasn’t dwindled to this day, and many offer classic slot options to their players in brick-and-mortar establishments and even online.

Themed slots never go out of fashion

Slot enthusiasts adore themed machines, for different reasons. Some can’t resist the colorful appeal and the sounds of the theme. Very often choices are made on the basis of concepts players are familiar with – favorite movies, books, music, sports. Other reasons may include superstition, for instance. Many of the Asian themes are brimming with lucky symbols and numbers many believe will help get to the big payout faster, and symbols of Irish luck, pots of gold and leprechauns are not far behind.

The appeal of video slots

Talking about modern-day slots, we can’t but mention the video slots with their irresistible graphics and cinematic sound. The symbols and reels typically animate in some way, bringing you a whole new dimension of play. However, no matter how fancy the appearance, slots for online casinos operate in the same manner. You spin the reels and hope to align the same symbols along the payline, animated or not. The more paylines you have, the greater the chances of winning. Virtual slots like these leave more room for both creativity and variety. So much so, in fact, that it almost feels like relaxing video gaming rather than gambling. With the evolution of slot machines, came the evolution of prizes too. You no longer have the main jackpot as the only option; now you can win free spins, ‘cashback’ deals or deposit bonuses. Plenty of reasons to keep playing.

Jackpot slots for big wins

Have you ever witnessed a massive payout from a slot machine with the player winning literally millions? We bet you have, at least on television shows. Well, winnings of this size can be expected from jackpot slots. The system behind these huge cash outs is the following – slot machines of the same type can be networked. They share the same connection across many online casinos, and every time someone plays the games, the jackpot increases. More often than not, this amount reaches six figures before the lucky winner gets the right combination. Although it takes some persistence, the wins here are well worth the wait.

Licensed slot games and the difference in payouts

It’s safe to say that every casino these days will have an abundance of slots based on films or TV blockbusters. What you might not have known, is that these slots tend to pay out less than others. As you probably already assumed, the slot game makers need to pay a fraction of the profits to the film company, show or star they featured on their machine.

The takeaway

Whatever the case may be, we cannot deny the irresistible thrill of trying our luck, hoping for a win to change our lives. Slot machines have come a long way since their first debut and managed to remain at the top of gamblers’ game choices. And who can resist a spin or two once in a while? Who knows, today might just be your lucky day.