Manufacturers always try to stay one step or two ahead of the scammers. After being programmed, computer chips for slot machines undergo rigorous testing to ensure that there are no software bugs that would allow the player to beat the slot machines. Nevertheless, despite all the high technologies, there are a lot of ways to beat machines and they can be easily adopted in the fight against “one-armed bandits” in gambling establishments.

Cheat code

This is perhaps the best way to beat a slot machine these days. If you work for a slot machine manufacturer, like, say, a programmer, it is possible that you could introduce a flaw into the system. This is exactly what Ronald Dale Harris did in his time.

Besides the fact that it takes an incredibly long time, the difficulty lies in the fact that the casino maintains regular monitoring of the payouts of the gaming machine. Harris was caught after a large (100 thousand dollars) win for his accomplice.

However, the reprogramming methods are constantly changing, which makes the facts of penetration unnoticed. There are many examples of individuals (and even groups) who have pulled a lot of money out of Vegas. Think of the Black Jack team at MIT.

Shaved tokens

Shaved coins, another popular cheating system, is that the coins are changed in such a way as to pass right through the slot machine after the game is activated, thereby allowing the game to be played on one coin indefinitely. The cheat allows you to activate the slot machine and then simply pull out the coin so it can be used over and over again.

Counterfeits instead of tokens

The theoretical basis of this method is simple – you just need to forge a game token. But in practice, this is very difficult to do. Louis Colavecchio was the master of counterfeiting badges, but he was arrested in 1998. After his release in 2006, he resumed his criminal activities.

Magnetic traps

Today, this deception in most cases does not work, since modern slot machines are programmed and lack magnet-dependent parts. But old machines made of iron can be fooled by stopping the reel with a magnet on a winning combination. But such machines are now extremely rare.


A coin on a string called a yo-yo is a world-old way to cheat a slot machine. Currently, it is impossible to do such a scam with more advanced slots. This method is becoming a thing of the past.

Light box

Much more advanced tactics can be used in addition to the usual mechanical methods. Miniature light boxes and other electrical devices that emit directional beams of light were used to be placed close enough to the light sensor of a car that the car essentially became confused. As a rule, as a result, the car overpayed the player.

Unfortunately, there are almost no opportunities for this kind of deception right now. Modern developers of slot machines have long outwitted this tactic. An attempt to turn on an electrical appliance next to the machine will be immediately recognized.

Piano strings

This is one of the oldest but most surprising scams that took place in 1982. In the slot machine, piano strings were attached to the moving parts, allowing them to influence the rotations. Before the scam was revealed, the cheaters managed to take 50 thousand USD.

Device up/down

This is a rather complex device, one end of which is a wire, and the other is a specially shaped rod. With this device, it was possible to simultaneously lock the operation of the coin tray and the acceptor. As a result, the machine threw out the tokens it contained.

Monkey paw

In the days of mechanical one-armed bandits (and even in the days of the so-called “electronic mechanical slots”) there were several easy ways to beat the slot machine for free to earn more than your luck promises. about a foot long and curved like a claw at one end) It must be inserted into the chute. Once there, the paw interferes with the mechanics of the machine, forcing it to overpay. This is the method used by the famous con artist Carmichael.


The validator is a film that wraps around the bill. As a result, the gaming machine recognizes in it a bill of much greater denomination than it actually is. This allows you to place large bets while spending small amounts. Now it is impossible to do this even in a provincial casino.


There is an opportunity to beat slot machines by flashing or replacing just one microchip. After this simple procedure for a specialist, you will always know how to cheat a casino. It is enough just to replace standard chips with controlled ones.

This is the method used by Dennis Nikrash, having practiced with a model of a slot machine in the garage and hiring accomplices. However, in the end, the intruders were caught, and this method of deception became known to casino owners.

The program that crashed

There are several known cases when gamblers received huge winnings due to a software failure. And the casino was unable to return the lost money back even through the courts.

But it’s not just about random luck. There are schemes that allow gamblers to disorient the program so much that it will start making mistakes quite often and endowing fraudsters with large winnings. But without special knowledge and mathematical skills, you are unlikely to succeed.


There are many legends about scams and just as many methods for cheating slot machines. Before using them, keep in mind: there are a huge variety of ways to beat a slot machine. But scammers are not always lucky. And even if the fraud gets away with it at first, catching the cheater is only a matter of time. If you really want to have a good time, it is better to play free slots no downloads.

If you’ve played slots lately, you may have noticed the latest trend of replacing many of the casino administration functions with artificial intelligence. It is much more difficult to deceive him because he ignores the human factor.

So why are people trying to cheat slots for free? Obviously because there is no surefire way to honestly defeat them. Slot machines are specially designed to generate income for the casino. No method of playing can increase your chances of winning. Not doubling the rate after losses, not hoping for “hot cars” or any mathematical methods designed to deceive the theory of probability. Remember that slot machines work without damage to the institution. And although the machine has no idea who plays, how long it is played, and what bets can be placed, it is designed to provide income to the owners and to resist cheating in every possible way.

What to do in this case? Obviously, it makes sense to remember that casinos are not there to keep players rich. They enjoy gambling and have to pay for it. And the best way not to lose your reputation is to pay honestly. That is why the description of slot fraud methods is purely entertainment and it is better not to apply it in practice. Do not forget that hacking slot machines is tantamount to major fraud. And this is fraught with long prison terms and large monetary fines.