Rocket League

Since it was released back in 2015, Rocket League changed a lot to stay relevant while surrounded by the craze of the Battle Royal genre dominated the gaming industry.

We must salute the game that withstood all odds and stay alive and well while some free-to-play titles like Fortnite took the world by storm.

How they pulled that off? How’s this game coping with others now in 2021?

If you’re playing the game just for fun, or you happen to buy Rocket League items to make the game more exciting, you must wonder what the future holds for this game.

Something that anyone in love with RL would ask himself or herself, and we’re here to enlighten you by answering these and some other questions for you.

Here’s what we know about the state or RL now in 2021 and what the future might bring.

Still Here, Still Free

Rocket League is still here and still free-to-play unless you spend some cash buying in-game items like cars, boosters, goal celebrations, etc.

In recent years, the free-to-play concept reinvented how the game’s developers make profits on their releases by making money on microtransactions and allowing premium accounts.

You can play RL without spending a dime, but where’s the fun in that?

Sure, you can still be competitive even without breaking the bank, but if you choose to invest some cash into the game, you’ll make it even more fun and exciting.

It’s great that you have an option to choose how you’ll play the game, and that’s something that all future titles should consider doing.

Psyonix and ESPN X Games

What did the game developers do to start 2021 in style?

Psyonix, developers from San Diego, and ESPN’s X Games collaborated in January just before one of their events that happened in Aspen.

Two gaming giants teamed up and created new Rocket League items inspired by X games. You could purchase these items online in shops like RL.Exchange and customize your game in style.

Many gamers are fascinated by the X Games, and these fresh items in shops pulled off great marketing while providing content that intrigued the players.

The game stays popular by providing new content from time to time, and it’s something that will keep it safe and sound among some of the announced AAA titles.

The Items Market

If you’re fascinated by the vast options of items in RL, you’re surely pleased that the in-game item shops offer some of the best deals.

If you choose to keep playing the game free, getting these items can be tough luck, as some of the rare ones can take forever to open in item drops.

Luckily, sites like RL.Exchange offers many rare items in their online shop. The site works intriguingly by connecting buyers and sellers and acting as an intermediate between them.

RL.Exchange is one of the sites that will hook you up with some of the most popular cars that might give you an advantage on the pitch. Alternatively, if you’re looking to customize the game for a better visual appearance, you can get some of the best decals to decorate your cars.

Super Bowl LV Celebration Mode

How can you make the game even more exciting and up-to-date?

The best way to do so is by staying up to date with some of the most popular events known to men and incorporating them into your game’s events.

Rocket League took advantage of the recent Super Bowl LV and created an event that resembled something more like an American football.

What was the result of such a marketing scheme?

Well, the game mode was a huge success, and we’re sure RL will continue to do the same every year before the next Super Bowl.

RL is not the only game doing this to bring fresh content, as many games do the same. They followed an established gaming trend that’s proven to be a successful step towards increased popularity.

Expected Changes

The future of Rocket League is bright, and we can expect many changes to take place that will improve the game we love.

The game never seems to lack in new content, and we can expect some new game modes, improved bots, changes in hitboxes, different chat options, etc.

Among these valuable changes, some of the most popular will be new RL items you can trade on RL.Exchange or similar platforms.

In-game items like new cars always bring a dose of excitement to the RL community, and you can expect that some of the new ones hit the stores quite soon.

Competitive League

If you’re looking for an extra dose of excitement when playing the game you love, you can test your luck in competitive leagues together with your team.

You can play many tournaments with great prizes to compete and test your skills with other competitive teams.

These tournaments and leagues can have great cash prizes that can motivate any player signing up for one. In cases where you need additional boosters or a better car, you can always check out what’s for sale on sites like RL.Exchange.

Having such things in competitive leagues might help you reach the top spot and become one of the best in the game.

You’ll find RL leagues and tournaments highly addictive and more exciting than any random matchmaking.


Rocket League is still very relevant in 2021.

We can straight jump to the conclusion that RL will continue to do what they do best even in the following years- providing fun and memorable moments that we cherish with our friends will keep ongoing.

Don’t miss out on all the fun- don’t give up on a game that produced so much excitement in our ordinary lives.