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Most keyboards on the market today don’t seem to represent a significant segment of a gaming PC rig. They look like ordinary keyboards. But don’t let those simple QWERTY keys deceive you. The right keyboard is fundamental in a gamer’s essentials tools.

Below, we share some insights on gaming keyboards to help you understand what makes a gaming keyboard unique and also how to discover the perfect type for your gaming style.

Macros and Software Customization

Some gaming keyboards have been designed to allow you to reprogram the functions of any key. This means you can activate multiple skills or abilities in a single tap using an included software that can record an entire sequence of mouse clicks and keystrokes. Other gaming keyboards also have extra unassigned keys intended explicitly for macros.

For instance, some of the best tenkeyless keyboards allow you to bind a macro key to trigger a very complex gaming combo on cooldown, launch Discord or steam, or load your game-specific settings.


First, you should be able to choose whether you need a membrane PC keyboard or a mechanical keyboard. A membrane switch requires a higher pressing factor for a key to be enrolled, and the keycaps can’t be tweaked. However, it can give smoother transitions and often have slimmer keycaps.

On the flip side, a mechanical-based switch is less exhausting, as it doesn’t need to be squeezed entirely in order to be enrolled. This means that mechanical keys require less pressing compared to membrane keys. Therefore, they provide a quicker reaction time. The keyboard’s surface can be clicky or silent, tactile or linear, all of which describe the sound of a switch and bump.

Some of the popular brands of gaming keyboard switches are Bloody, Cherry, and Roccat. You can pick an ideal keyboard for yourself, depending on the feel, behavior, actuation point, actuation force, sound level, total travel distance, and lifespan you are looking for.


With regards to gaming, comfort is vital. Most gaming keyboards are sold with wrist stands, which will prevent your wrists from hurting after long hours of intensive gaming. Another common characteristic you’ll notice is that the Windows key isn’t next to the control key since it could be very disruptive when pressed during a heated gaming session.

Additionally, critical keys such as WASD are rubberized to make the grip and play smoother. As a solitary player, what you need to do is go with a moderate, exemplary choice. Keep away keyboards with wheels, strange multimedia buttons that mess up the keyboard’s design, and any other features that are only there to simply add to the pointlessly exorbitant cost.

Keyboard Illumination

You have likely come across these gaming keyboards with visual effects such as rainbow lights. Most gaming models are fitted with colorful backlighting. Although the lighting may seem at first it is just aesthetics, there’s significantly more about the lights than just being a visually appealing feature.


You can tweak the keyboard to assign certain light tones to particular sections of the keyboard. This will enable you to know which keys are where exactly and what their functions are. As you use these lights as a reference, you can play faster and more accurately. This can significantly improve your gaming experience.

Time to Decide

PC gaming by itself can’t be compared to any other computer-related activity. So, you shouldn’t limit yourself to a keyboard that’s not specially designed for PC gaming. Having the right PC gaming keyboard means pawning your opponents. Who doesn’t want that?

Now that you are aware of the features to look out for when choosing a gaming keyboard, you can take your gaming to the next level, regardless of the game you enjoy playing. Take some time to read about the best gaming keyboard reviews online, and be sure to compare the top choices before buying.