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Do you like to play video games? Instead of playing with your friends, why wouldn’t you play video games with your date? Actually, playing video games can be an awesome idea as a source of inspiration for custom term papers or for a date if your partner is up for it! When you think about it, playing video games is a great way to bring people together. No wonder you always play with friends: it is a great and simple way to get closer to your friends by sharing a fun moment together! So why not trying to share this experience with your date also?

If you play together in a team, it is a good occasion to bond with your date: when you work together to achieve something and when you both go in the same direction, there is an immediate sense of bonding. And if you play one against each other, it can be incredibly fun and memorable because you will install an atmosphere of competition and you will get to tease each other all the time! Playing video games together is an interesting experience. A famous dating site claims that according to their users, video games may be used as a great date idea. Do you like the idea of playing video games with your date? Well, we selected 5 video games who would be perfectly suitable when it comes to playing with your date.

Rayman Legends

Do you want to face amusing challenges hand in hand with your date? Then Rayman Legends is a perfect choice! Not only will you play to a legendary and captivating game, but you can also enjoy the advantages of multiplayer modes when you are two! You can both work at the same level at the same time. When one of you is about to die, you can make the other person appear at the same point as you. That means that you don’t have to reach a checkpoint: you can start over at the exact same place! This is incredibly helpful when you are trying to do a particularly difficult level. Moreover, the score of your partner will be accumulated with yours which is also a great help! There is also the possibility to play a very fun soccer game: you can play one against each in this mini-game that was especially built for the co-op mode!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario Kart is one of the most amusing games when it comes to playing with someone else! These amazing races will create a fun and exciting competition between the two of you which will definitely spice up your date. And one of the reasons why this game is so much fun is also the fact that it is so unpredictable! The issue of the race is often surprising because there is a random element to this game. That means that even if one player has much more skills than the other one, he won’t necessarily win: everything can happen with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe! So if you want to have an amazing time full of surprises, choose this game! You will see that there is nothing more satisfying than throwing stuff at your other half’s car at the end of the race to end up winning at the last moment.

Life Is Strange

As you can guess from the name this game is one of the most unusual. Indeed, instead of fighting imaginary creatures in imaginary worlds for no reason, you will be fighting real problems from the real world. In this game, you are an adolescent struggling to find his place in this world and you have to overcome many different problems that all adolescents have to face one day. You can interact with your environment, ask questions to the people around you,. Of course, like any adolescent, you also have to deal with a complicated and exciting love story! This game has no multiplayer mode, but it could be quite fun to play with your partner. You can discuss the different matters together and try to make the best choices together! Actually, it could provoke many interesting and deep conversations because you will have to face real problems and try to solve them together.

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds

Have you ever watched the movie Battle Royale? Well, this game is inspired by the concept of the movie: a hundred persons are parachuted in on island and everyone has to fight for its survival! The fun thing about this game is that all your enemies are real players (it is an online game): you have to find your own arms and fight against them to survive. You can play in teams so if you want to be on the same team as your date and protect each other, it is possible! If you love competition, you can also choose different teams to confront each other!

Need for Speed Payback

Do you like races and crazy car tricks? Then you will love this game! In this game, you have to make car races in the streets just like in your favorite action movies. You can choose to race against your date if you feel competitive but there is also the possibility to play together. Indeed, you can work together to win the race (there are 3 different playing characters) and help your character evolve. When you work together, you also get to pull off action movie like sequences!