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For many of us, school is delayed and due to social distancing rules and limitations, we’re still spending a lot of time at home. While there are a few game releases coming this year that are definitely worth looking forward to, a lot of us need something fun now! However, with so many titles available, we wanted to run through some Switch game reviews to help you either find something new or rediscover an older favorite.

5. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Filled with the most notable characters from the MCU, this Diablo-like action RPG lets you create parties of four to complete quests with, and while your ultimate goal is to eventually take on Thanos, your team will run into other heroes and battle some notable villains along the way. This game has a 10-hour storyline as well as plenty of post-game missions that will give you hundreds of hours of gameplay.

4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

When it comes to switch game reviews, no list would be complete without SSBU. This long-running favorite title offers over 75 of Nintendo’s most recognizable characters and there’s even more DLC fighters to be released soon. The game lets you battle with up to four players using Nintendo’s online service or, if you’re no longer under social distancing orders, up to eight friends on local multiplayer. The single-player campaign offers between 20 to 35 hours of gameplay in order to complete and is full of fun and difficult challenges.

3. Splatoon 2

A quirky PvP team-based shooter that has multiplayer and co-op modes and the recently added mode called Salmon Run that lets teams of four splatter waves of monsters and collect the golden eggs that they drop. However, the most popular mode of play is the online-only Turf War which pits teams of four against each other in a race to cover the map in as much of their team’s ink as possible. It offers plenty of game time as it can easily take hundreds of hours of gameplay to work your way to the top of Ranked Battles or League Battles.

2. Arms

This stylized fighting game is fantastic. 15 lanky-armed fighters that each have unique combos and skill sets that can take hundreds of hours to learn and master. Arms offer both online and offline play and you can try your skills one-on-one versus your friends, challenge someone new online, or try your luck against the computer in the solo and co-op offline game modes.

1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

This versatile kart racer unites the best traits of the series and introduces crossover playable characters such as Link, Isabelle, and Inklings from Splatoon. Battle Mode has been refitted to near perfection, taking it to the top of many Switch game reviews, and you’ll have a blast with the main cups taking at least five hours to beat and at least 40 hours to unlock everything.