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Every day, the world is becoming increasingly fast and volatile. We constantly need new tools and software to plan and track our resources. A report found that almost 93% of companies have said their enterprise resource planning (ERP) has been successful.

If you are a part of a big organization, you will understand how crucial it is to plan your resources beforehand. But saying this is much easier than actually doing the task. Many managers and employees face a lot of problems when it comes to proper resource management.

If you need some reasons as to why you should invest a good amount of money in resource planning, we have some for you!

1. Improves resource allocation

Using only tools like Excel can make your resource planning cumbersome and time-consuming. If there is a slight update in the data or deadline, you will have to manually enter the new data and update your sheet. This will simply slow you down and you will also be susceptible to making more errors.

On the other hand, if you use a proper resource planning tool like, your work will be far easier. Run can easily sync all your data and graphs in one place so that you don’t manually have to re-enter things. Running has amazing features like timesheets and API and integrations that can be very advantageous.

2. Helps to build visibility

Any good business should build a bird’s eye view of all the enterprise capacities and resource management. It also needs to have proper data on every kind of work activity that is performed by the resources.

These activities can be project-related or non-project-related, such as administrative, support, BAU, or operational. This is why it is necessary to invest in resource planning. It helps to ensure complete visibility of all the resources and work available.

This will eventually help you to manage and use the enterprise resources available to you.

3. Centralizes resource management

Probably the greatest advantage of investing in good resource management software is the clarity that it brings to the data of your employees.

You can easily see the visibility and the availability of every employee working under you, as well as their job performances. Resource sharing also becomes a fairly easy task because one software manages everything.

For example, if you handle digital marketing, you will need to update social media statuses and posts every now and then. Instead of hiring an elaborate team and spending too much money, you can just use a single resource management software and just one or two people to take care of all that.

4. Improves work quality

Another big advantage of investing in resource planning is that your work quality drastically improves. Since the workload gets distributed more efficiently, the quantity and quality of work both get better. You can, therefore, have some of your best resources working on the most important project.

This will make them work harder and your project will be a success. You will also be able to stay within your budget and deadline because every worker is able and sincere.

In the long run, it saves quite a lot of your money. You avoid conflicts regarding scheduling and distribution of work and there will be resources available in cases of emergencies.

5. Reduces cost

As mentioned earlier, if you invest a bit of money in resource planning, it will help to cut down costs in the long run. Some of the ways in which you can implement this are:

  • Elimination of under or over skilled resources
  • Utilizing cost-effective resources and maintaining quality
  • Avoiding last-minute hiring costs
  • Minimizing the number of firing or hiring resources by planning beforehand
  • Minimizing unplanned attrition
  • Making strategies for resource utilization

Over to you…

Investing in resource planning is one of the smartest things you can do to improve your company. It is necessary for the smooth functioning of any organization and helps you to understand the most effective strategies to successfully complete your projects.

Resource planning software like Runn not only organizes everything in one place but also allows you to share your progress with others so that everyone stays on the same page. You can book a demo or try Runn for free today to experience the amazing features it offers you!