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Gambling is an activity that you will be able to find in many video games. Whether it is a game of blackjack or roulette to win some extra money or some mini-games that allow you to try and level up your character quicker there are plenty of gambling opportunities for those of us who like to play video games and want to satisfy a gambling urge at the same time. Below we are going to take a look at some of the best video games that have gambling elements in them.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

If you have played all of the GTA games then you will know that you can find casinos throughout them all, but the San Andreas game was the first game to have the act of gambling as an important part of the storyline. In the other games before this one, gambling was just a side activity that you could partake in if you wanted to.

However, in the San Andreas storyline, you have to gamble at the casinos that you come across in order to try and improve the main character’s gambling ability. Every time that you spend $100 at a casino your character’s skill will increase.

The higher you can get your character’s skill levels, the more money you will be allowed to borrow from the bank. When you have received the money from the bank, you are free to forget that you need to pay it back. If anyone tries to question you, you can just shoot them.

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Red Dead Redemption

This game was created by the same people who created the Grand Theft Auto franchise, so it was always going to be a huge hit. When you are enjoying this game, you can step away from the main story mode for a bit and sit yourself down for a couple of rounds of poker. The best thing about playing poker in this game is that you can cheat if you feel like it and try to walk away with more cash than you should.

However, nobody likes a cheat and if any of your fellow players realize that you have been trying to con them out of their hard-earned money, they will have no issue trying to kill you. So, if you are prepared to cheat, then you should also be prepared to fight for your life. If you do not want to die, then maybe it is best to just be honest for once.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

This game was released back in 2015 and there are not many who would disagree with you if you were to say that it was the best game that was released that year. It has one of the longest story modes ever which means that you are definitely getting value for money, and the gameplay is so good that new games that are released are compared to it.

When you are completing the game’s story mode, you will regularly be invited to play a card game that is known as Gwent. In this card game, you have to use spells and cards to earn points. A game of Gwent has three rounds and you win a round by earning the most points.

The round ends when either player moves onto the next or if you both run out of cards. It is the best out of three and the victorious player will get a keg that has five cards and you will get to select three of them to improve your deck.

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Super Mario 64

When you are playing this Nintendo game and feel like a break from racing cars, you can take a trip over to Luigi’s Casino. At this casino, you will be able to enjoy table games such as poker, roulette, and blackjack. If you prefer slot games to table games, then you will be glad to hear that there are many slots that you can enjoy. When you are playing you are obviously not risking any of your own real money, which is always a good thing when you are just after some gambling entertainment.

Fallout: New Vegas

In this game, you roam about a post-apocalyptic world, but although the world has changed completely you can still gamble if you feel like it as Las Vegas’ famous casinos are still open. However, they have changed drastically and are not how they once were back in the day.

The casinos used to be trustworthy places to gamble, but honesty is something that has long since disappeared from the world, meaning that you will need to always keep your wits about you to ensure that you do not end up being conned out of all of your money. The world has gone down the toilet, but you still have the ability to gamble – pretty sensational in our view.

Final Fantasy VIII

This is the franchise that brought the Japanese role-playing games to the Western World. In this particular game of the franchise, you will be able to play a card game that is called Triple Triad. This fun game is played on a grid that is 3 by 3 and there are four numbers written on each card, and each number corresponds to a particular side of the card.

All that you need to do is put your card on an empty spot and then compare it to your opponent’s card. The player with the highest number card will win and that card will turn the color that is representing you. Your aim is to turn as many cards as possible into your own color.