This is a game you’ll enjoy if you love war and defense. The spirit of defending your territory characterizes it. If you win, you save the earth. If you lose the combine conquer the earth and you are required to submit to it. All your resources will be wiped out by the combine within seven hours. What will happen in the next fight? Will the army reorganize to take back the earth from the combine? Well, play and discover the mystery.

The game begins with the invasion of the combine on the earth. The combine is an unknown immense, and powerful combination of alien species that invade the earth intending to capture everything and absorb it to its empire.

The earth has its protection comprising of the United Nations and the human army. The unit is supposed to protect the earth’s resources from being captured by the combine that has an unknown command, which is called the “combine empire.”

The earth has resources comprising of water and other natural resources that the combine wants to attack and take over the entire empire. The combine has unknown combine leaders who act as the commanders and issue directive towards the aliens on taking over the earth.

On the other side, the earth, in its defense, has the human leaders as commanders. To get with the united nations, they try to defend the earth from the “combine” attack. Well, will they surrender o the combine and the combine to annex the earth, or will the armies defend the earth and finish the combine?

Well, it is hard to combat the combine since its strength is hidden. On the other hand, the strength of the earth is in the armies. They must stay alive and fight back to eliminate the combine. Otherwise, there is an impending massive human death toll.

At the end of the game, the casualties are the military and civilians, while the combined casualties are not known.

The Real Battle

The game is a thriller, and fighting between the military defending the earth and the combine begins when a portal storm moves cross the earth-shaking it and scattering people to run for safety. The storm causes confusion and chaos, and this is when the combine takes advantage to defeat the armed forces on earth within seven hours.

Once the combine takes over the entire control of the earth, it comes up with various structures to assimilate humans into the “combine army” The destabilized human race surrenders. It is locked into the different established small cities. Outside the cities, there emerges dangerous animals and creatures such that no human can escape to the outside. This leaves the combine under the rule for two decades.

The Final War

The combine has taken over the earth and started to exploit all the resources. This is after seven hours of fight. All the army now has to submit to the combine.

Do you want the combine to take over the earth, and you lose the resources? How well are you prepared to defend the earth from invasion? Are you ready with the right command system? Can you combat the combine befoe it brings destruction to the earth?

Prepare to get the latest equipment for the war and started well to fight the combine. Always remember that the combine is strong and has hidden weapons, an unknown army, and unknown casualties.

The game ends within seven hours when the combine has taken over the earth. This is why it’s called the seven-hour game.

How to join and play?

If you are ready for the battle, fun, and drama, then join the seven-hour war and sign up for your chance to participate

Why do you need to play this game?

It is about your ability to prevent the earth’s invasion by commanding a reliable command system and using the available army and weapons correctly. A simple mistake can easily cost your freedom to enjoy the earth’s resources, which are the main target of the combine.

It is a series of events, and the outcome from each event determines your success in the next battle. You will always find your self in suspense since you don’t know what the combine is planing for you. This means that you remain alert in all your steps.

The game has natural sounds, potent ammunition, and real-life experiences. You fight like in the typical battlefield.

Endless entertainment is guaranteed as you continue to purchase the dream of saving the earth from exploitation by the combine.


What is the motive of the game?

The combine wants to take over the earth and control all the resources. The army on the earth is supposed to defend the earth to the end and prevent the combine from taking over the earth.

How long does the entire battle take?

This game is supposed to take 7 hours of fighting and defending. In the end, the combine either win or the earth defense protect the earth by defeating the combine.

Where is the fight located?

the fight happens on earth, which is equipped with the resource. The combine is thirsty for this resource, and that’s why it comes up with an attack to control the earth.

Who is supposed to defend the earth from invasion?

During the seven hours, the earth receives a boost with the United Nations and Human armies.

What is the role of Dr. Wallace Breen in this game?

When the war intensifies, Wallace is there to negotiate with the Combine and surrender to save the remaining humans at the cost of their freedom.