Are you tired of playing the same old game on the undedicated servers that are crowded with players from all over the world? If yes, then it is time to run your server, be your administrator, and set your own rules.

Using a dedicated server will help you to create your private playground. Invite your friends and online allies and play your game in private. This will automatically reduce the load on the server and allow better speed quality. The server is available round the clock with no issues of heating. You can also customize your game according to your rules. A dedicated server helps you to socialize and play both at the same time. However, this facility comes with a cost. However, do not worry we have the best place for cheap game hosting – Fallout Hosting.

What Is Fallout Hosting?

Fallout hosting is one of the best budget-friendly hosting service provider. You can now create your servers for Minecraft and many other multiplayer games. It is a secure and reliable data center. Not only it is best in pricing, but it also covers a wide geographical area. The servers are located in the US, EU, Asia, and Australia.

Minecraft Hosting

If you are a Minecraft fan, Fallout is the best place to play with your server. Minecraft, as the name suggests, lets you get creative and build your villages, towns, cities, and continents with blocks. Currently, it is the most popular sandbox multiplayer game in the world.

Hosting Packages

Fallout Hosting provides the best and budget-friendly packages for playing Minecraft. It caters to everyone. The basic packages are ideal for people who want to play with friends on a budget. The rates start with $1 per GB for the servers in the US and EU and $2.75 per GB for Asia and Australia.

The second category caters to the audience who needs extra performance, modpacks, or lots of players. This line is known as the US Performance Boosted Hosting. The price range starts from $6.75 per month to $36 per month that allows you to use from 3 GB to 16 GB. This package is only available in the US.

If you have an absolute love for the game, you can buy from the premium packages. They offer superior quality hosting and priority support. The cost of this line starts from $5 per month and goes high up to $80 per month. As a gaming fan, you must have used other hosting servers but must not have found rates so low ever. You cannot find cheap Minecraft hosting at any other place than Fallout.

Why Fallout Hosting?

Fallout Hosting also offers source game hosting. It is as easy as logging to your email account. It comes with the cheapest price of $0.5 per slot. If you are fond of playing monthly then you can also play these games at $2.5 per month only.

The number of games is increasing in the library of Fallout Hosting. The most popular game is Counter-Strike Global Offence where players choose to be terrorists or counter-terrorists and hunt each other down. Fallout provides you the best CSGO surf server hosting facility.

You can also play other games like Team Fortress 2, Garry’s Mod, and many more. All these games are available at the same rate. You need to select the location from all four places (the US, EU, Asia, and Australia) while making the payment and within seconds, you are connected with your dedicated server.

Closing Word

Hosting your game server can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You will only understand this satisfaction if you are part of the gaming world. With so many packages available at the Fallout Hosting, you can easily choose a remote server for your private gaming platform. It all depends on the game, number of players, your operating system, and the recommended requirements to host your game.