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Talking about a new FIFA game every year means listing the bonanzas of the updated version one by one very carefully.

That’s because some say that the games of the FIFA saga are all the same and that FIFA 21 is no exception at all.

Nonetheless, saying that FIFA games are all the same stuff is not true at all.

Like many other games in the same series, FIFA preserves the classic mechanics of the game and many of its iconic players.

But the game tries every year to perform better, adding more custom options and more players or entire teams.

Of course, not all years are good years in the FIFA franchise.

There are times when updates from one FIFA to another are practically nil, except for those that occur during the years in which the world championship is played.

For that reason, many gamers, both new and veteran ones, have the doubt of whether to buy the FIFA 2021 or wait for the FIFA 2022 that will come with the QATAR DLC.

Are you one of those gamers? Then keep reading, here we’ll tell you why you should buy FIFA 2021.

FIFA 2021 A Revolutionary or Continuous version?

If you are already a veteran playing the FIFA saga, you will know that a new version can bring a great repertoire of new things (revolutionary) or be more of the same (continuous).

Continuous versions tend to expand existing content a little more, but without adding new gameplay. So they are usually details that go unnoticed.

For example, did you know that one of the clubs in England, specifically the Southampton F.C won the Southern League championship for three consecutive years twice?

Well, most English people don’t know it either, but it’s a bit of history that doesn’t hurt at all; and it is the type of content that continuity versions usually add.

The versions of FIFA from the World Cup years are usually revolutionary, mainly because of the DLC, and that is the case of the next installment: FIFA 2022.

However, FIFA 2021 incorporates something very new, so classifying it as a continuous is a big mistake.

If you love soccer, the FIFA saga, or strategy games, this add-on is for you.

That amazing add-on is the career mode as a coach.

You know the deal, the FIFA saga had always given us the possibility of being the protagonist who touches the ball. Whether as a professional male gamer, female gamer, neighborhood career, with card collection mode, etc.

And all that passion and enjoyment, now we can also see it from the perspective of the career of a soccer technical director

FIFA 2021 incorporates a new player performance system that is divided into physical form, ease, and morale.

As a technical director, it is your job to strike a balance between these three variables to ensure the optimal performance of your team.

When the seasons begin, the players are rested, happy, and relaxed. But their reflexes are not the best.

Hence, you must correctly organize your team workouts, but without exhausting your players.

On the other hand, the mood of the team, in general, will vary according to your statements in press conferences, and rotations during games.

While the mood of individuals can be greatly affected, even, by a simple email you send.

All this news can only be found in FIFA 2021 and, your way of dealing with the challenges established to adjust these metrics now also influences when determining whether your team will win or not.

That’s why we ensure you, FIFA 2021 it’s worth it. But if you don’t believe it yet, go watch the trailer then

And, if you are new to the game, don’t buy an older version, FIFA 2021 offers you the best gaming experience.