There are some basics tips everyone should know to get more views on their YouTube videos, and that’s what this article talks about. As a new Youtuber, the first thing to note is that, whatever you plan to do, there’s probably someone doing something similar and getting it wrong, your job is to highlight what they’re doing wrong and capitalize on it. Check up on others in your preferred niche, see how they do things, and visualize how yours can be better.

Notice how they title their videos, the sort of phrases and keyword they use, how they write their descriptions, and the backlinks they provide, and more, understanding your competition is the first step to success.

In as much as you’re here to provide content for your audience, you need to understand that your competitors will most likely get to them before you, leaving your videos at the bottom of the last page if you didn’t do things right. This article tackles some of the easiest ways to outdo your competitors and get more views on your YouTube videos.

1. Share Your Video with Everyone.

Do you think a wide range of audiences will be interested in what you have to offer? If yes, them as soon as you upload your videos, start sharing the link with everybody and everywhere. There are various websites like QQTube which boast of sharing you videos and getting quick views: Read: QQTube Review – Is QQTube a Scam?

Include your YouTube channel in your conversations, add your links to your social media bios, write about your contents, and provide links inf the writeup too. This method may seem crude and tasking, but this is how to get the ball rolling and slowly build up legitimate views on your YouTube videos and channels.

2. Comment on Other Videos.

Every time you watch a video, leave a comment on it. However, don’t go about spamming other people’s videos; it won’t do you any good. Instead, offer your thoughts, critiques, or help on other people’s comments, especially if they are relevant to what you do, and leave a link to your video.

The more relatable your comment is to the video being watched, the more likely you’ll have people click on the link you post. It doesn’t have to be on YouTube videos alone; you can comment on blog posts and other relevant websites and leave a link to your video without spamming.

3. Promote Off YouTube.

Promoting off YouTube is an effective way to get more views. Promotion allows you to lave links to your videos on various platforms online. There are some platforms designed for this; a little bit of research will set you in the right direction. While the majority of them are free, they aren’t as effective as paid platforms.

Paid platforms help you generate real views on your YouTube channels at a low price. You simply purchase views, and in no time, you’ll see the views on your videos rack up. Plus, the more views you get, the more subscribers you get too. Buying YouTube views remains an effective and safe method to build your YouTube channel. We advise you to try it out today.

Where Do You Start?

Before you proceed with the methods above, it’s important that you have all of your basic video properties up to par. If you have all of that in check, it’s only a matter of time before you become a sensation on YouTube.