Trailers are very useful when we need extra hauling space. You can choose from a cage trailer to a box trailer to having one that’s enclosed. And while you’re thinking about which one is the best bet for your needs, are you also wondering if you should buy or hire one?

For many reasons, having your own trailer on a permanent basis can be useful. But, if you’re only needing to use a trailer occasionally, perhaps your best bet is to go with cage trailer hire.

If you’re still deciding which option is best suited for your requirements, read on to find out more. We’ll talk about the difference between a cage trailer and a box trailer so you’re well-informed about which one is best for your trailering needs.

The Different Types of Trailers: Box Trailer vs Cage Trailer

You may be faced with a variety of trailers to choose from, whether you’re buying or hiring. Let’s look at the most common types available and what purpose they’re used for.

Cage Trailer

This trailer has a cage as its main container feature. It’s normally made with galvanised steel and as the word cage suggests, will have gaps and holes. The height of the cage can extend from 600mm to 1.2 meters. The sizes of cage trailers can range from 6‘ x 4‘ to 10‘ x 5‘.

Cage trailers come with the single or double axle options. They can be used for the following purposes:

  • Rubbish removal
  • Removing garden waste and rubble
  • Moving home and office furniture
  • Transporting construction materials and goods
  • Moving commercial goods
  • Transporting livestock

Box Trailer

Box trailers also come with a single or double axle and can range in sizes between 6‘ x 4‘ to 10‘ x 5‘. A plain box trailer will simply have a low galvanised wall around the trailer and this type is perfect for transporting supplies. A cage can be added to this type trailer at any time should you decide to have the added benefit of a contained space for hauling goods.

A more typical box container has solid galvanised sides and is enclosed. This makes it weatherproof, keeping your cargo secure. These trailers are perfect for the following jobs:

  • Moving home and office furniture
  • Moving valuable items
  • Transporting commercial goods such as appliances

The Pros and Cons of Cage and Box Trailers

Here are some reasons why using one trailer over the other is better for different job applications:

  • A cage trailer is perfect for removing garden waste and rubble as they’re easy to load and to unload. You’ll also find it easier to wash out a cage trailer after use.
  • A fully enclosed box trailer is best suited for more valuable pieces of furniture and appliances which shouldn’t be exposed to the elements such as rain and wind.
  • A cage trailer can be used to move home and office furniture over short distances and when there’s minimal chances of rain or snow.
  • An enclosed box trailer is ideal for long distances and for keeping cargo secure against the weather.
  • Livestock travel better in an open cage trailer as opposed to the fully enclosed box trailer.
  • A box trailer keeps your cargo out of sight and away from curious eyes!
  • A cage trailer is lighter to tow with less wear and tear on the tires. You can also manoeuvre them easily and have less wind resistance.
  • A box trailer means you can keep the cargo inside overnight without having to unpack it immediately.
  • Both can be towed behind a passenger vehicle although it can be more difficult to see what’s happening behind a box trailer.

Choosing Between a Cage Trailer vs Box Trailer

A cage trailer offers you more versatility especially if you’re intending to use it often for removing garden waste. A box trailer is ideal if you’re in the business of moving furniture or other valuable items on a regular basis.

The advantage of owning a cage trailer means you can invest in a sturdy, durable tarpaulin which can be used to cover the top and sides of the cage. In this way, you can convert the cage trailer into a more weatherproof type trailer.

In the end, it depends on what you want to haul with your trailer. The other question to ask yourself is how often do I need a trailer? If you only want to haul garden waste a couple of times a year, then hiring a cage trailer would be your best bet.

The same goes for moving home furniture. If you’re only planning on one move in the near future, cage trailer hire is your solution. But, if you’re in the business of moving furniture, commercial goods, livestock or any other type of cargo, buying a cage or box trailer may be the way to go.

Final Thoughts

Cage trailer hire is the perfect solution for those occasional hauling jobs when you don’t want to invest in buying one. It’s cheaper and hassle-free. You won’t need to worry about repairs and maintenance costs. You also won’t need to stress about finding space to park it when not in use. For general, once-in-a-while trailering use, cage trailer hire is your best bet.