First dates are always thrilling – you don’t know what to expect and where it will take you. Some dates can disappoint you, while others might make you feel like the most beautiful creature on Earth. It’s all about you and your date’s attitude.

Planning a perfect date might be a real challenge since life is totally unpredictable. However, there are a few things you can do to make a good first impression that can help you to get a second date. Are you going to meet someone really special soon? You are in the right place then! Learn these simple tricks to make your first date a success:

Plan ahead

Even if your date has already planned everything, it’s still important to have your own plan just in case. First of all, it will show them how much you care. Secondly, you will have a chance to show yourself from the best side of the place where you feel comfortable.

Wouldn’t it be great to walk into a bar where a bartender knows what your favorite drink is? Also, your natural environment can help your date to get to know you better.

Going to a new place on the first date might be a bit stressful, so consider making your own plan for the evening.

In case your date insists on going to their favorite place, show how excited you are about it! Even if you don’t like food in their favorite restaurant, don’t criticize their choice. Instead, thank them for taking you there.

Balance the conversation

You need to get the convo going. Remember that there should be at least one topic that you both like, so find it!

The first date is all about getting to know each other. So, listen carefully instead of speaking about yourself all the time.

When speaking about your everyday life, stay positive. Telling stories about your horrible boss or messy flatmates can be tempting, but try to resist it! Noone likes highly negative people who complain about their life.

Even if you feel like complaining, try to make a joke out of it. According to Beyond Ages experts, people who make us laugh look more attractive. Also, a strong sense of humor is the main men’s weapon since it is a sign of psychological health.

Other than that, you might want to avoid argument-inducing conversation topics. Touchy subjects such as politics or religion might only make you feel uncomfortable and even lead to an argument (in case you both have strong opinions).

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Make yourself feel comfortable

You don’t have to play a role to get someone to like you. You are a great person, so don’t put on a mask- just be yourself! First of all, your insincerity will be easy to spot. Secondly, showing your true self to a new person requires a lot of confidence.

To boost your self-confidence, you need to relax. That’s why it’s important to find a comfortable outfit, do your hair, and remember that the first date is not a big deal.

In case you feel nervous, consider telling your date about it. They will see your shaking hands anyway. Discussion about what makes you worried on the first date can be a bonding experience.

Make them feel special

Your date should feel good after spending time with you. To make them feel special, listen to them carefully, repeat their name (the sweetest sound!), consider giving a little present, and tell them something you like about them.

Don’t move too fast

If you are ready to commit to a relationship, don’t move too fast. Give your date and yourself more time. That’s how you can show that you respect them. A great relationship starts with friendship, not with sex.

However, if it is a one-night stand and nothing more for you, make sure you both know about it in the very beginning.

The bottom line

The first date might be a scary thing now, but you never know how many first dates you will have in your entire life! At some point, you might actually become an expert on first dates.

Your future date will go smoothly because you already make some efforts. So, find your best shoes and go to win them over!


Maya Kinsley