Although they’re not the most common theme in video games, numerous games do include sharks. Fundamentally, the purpose of their inclusion varies from one title to another, with some releases having the shark as a playable character and others instead utilizing their fear factor. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular video games that feature sharks.

Grand Theft Auto V 

To some, this first inclusion may be a surprise. While Rockstar’s GTA V is predominantly a land-based development that follows the adventures of its three leading protagonists, Franklin, Michael, and Trevor, the record-breaking title – which amassed a total of $1 billion in revenue within just three days of release – doesn’t shy away from intriguing playable easter eggs.

In single-player modes, sharks spawn randomly throughout the map and typically appear out of nowhere. However, players can also experience the thrill of being a shark – as well as being a potentially fatal hindrance to deep-sea exploration. Although this aspect of GTA doesn’t offer the same longevity of some shark-specific titles, the game makes up for it with its impressive animations and visuals.

Through finding the easter egg that allows a single-player character to hallucinate, users turn into a hammerhead shark that makes its way through the title’s detailed sea world. Moreover, you can also attack, adding more depth to this well-thought-out feature.

Razor Shark 

In addition to the popularity of shark-centered titles on consoles, Razor Shark is another highly-rated game that includes the group of elasmobranch fish, available on web browsers. Despite the underwater-themed slot having fairly simple visuals, it crucially captures and recreates the thrill of Jaws. The title’s deep-sea backdrop sets the tone in this five-reel slot, with sharks and marine life, in general, becoming an increasingly popular theme in online casinos.

In appearance, Razor Shark has a cartoon aesthetic that integrates components that are fitting to the title’s theme. Four-reel development incorporates flippers, oxygen tanks, seaweed, and much more. Additionally, Razor Shark’s wild symbol is the great white shark, which adds to the game’s depth.

From a player perspective, as well as enjoying an immersive shark-oriented title, there’s also the potential to utilize free spins and mystery stacks. Importantly, the nudge and reveal feature gives players more win multipliers, and this helps in making it one of Wildz Casino’s most popular slots.

PlayStation VR Worlds – The Deep VR 

While GTA V allows prospective players to experience gameplay from the perspective of a shark, The Deep VR takes a different approach. Available on the PlayStation VR Worlds collection of VR-specific titles, PS4 users can go nose to nose with a great white shark.

In being played through VR technology, The Deep VR undoubtedly provides a lifelike underwater experience like no other in the history of gaming. Upon plunging the depths, the user’s suspended shark cage allows them to get up close and personal to the title’s intimidating shark. In taking a unique approach to shark integration, The Deep VR ensures a heart-racing experience that captures the dangers of ocean adventures.

Different Approaches Have Aided the Appeal 

In years gone by, few games have enabled players to control sharks. Moreover, even those that have don’t all provide a smooth, user-friendly experience. Although an easter egg, Rockstar’s unique shark feature adds variation to their action-adventure title. That aside, Razor Shark and The Deep VR illustrate that shark-centered developments are continually adapting to new technologies and the emergence of thriving markets.