Cloud gaming may still remain a mystery for many people. In a nutshell, this is a technology that helps gamers play high-end games with no powerful hardware. Instead of running a game locally on your computer, you simply have your gameplay streamed to you via cloud gaming services like GeForce NOW, Vortex, PlayStation NOW, Boosteroid, Shadow, and many others. So, what services you may expect to provide the best gaming experience? Actually, none. Each platform has its drawbacks. We are going to compare some of them, so it is easier for you to make your choice. We’ll start with two major market players — GeForce NOW and Boosteroid. These two platforms are approaching gamers based in Europe.

We’ve taken a closer look at a few essential aspects that will help you compare these two industry giants, as well as learn a bit more about cloud gaming.

It’s crucial for every gamer to have access to their favorite titles, so the game library remains one of the most important things when it comes to choosing a cloud gaming platform. Today many video game publishers remove their games from Nvidia’s GeForce NOW, so you might never find a title you’ve always wanted to play there. However, Nvidia still cooperates with Ubisoft, a global publisher that owns many popular games. Anyway, many gamers would say it’s not enough.

At this point, Boosteroid offers quite a large number of games. Though not every title is available there, it wouldn’t be easy to find any other cloud gaming service where you can run Resident Evil 3 Remake or Call of Duty: Warzone. Both Boosteroid and Nvidia offer free games like Fortnite, so there is always something you can play with no additional investment.

Today Boosteroid is available in Central and Eastern Europe. The company reports the platform will become available in Western Europe and North America already this year. Boosteroid cooperates with leading hardware companies so it really sounds like a plan. Anyway, you should check if the service is available in your area and whether you can expect a good gaming experience.

When it comes to hardware, Nvidia would be your best ally. The company is first of all one of the leading hardware manufacturers and it has enough resources to power every gamer. GeForce NOW is available in many different countries and that’s where Boosteroid is not yet able to compete.

Cloud gaming is here to reduce your costs, so pricing matters for almost every user. Nvidia introduced shocking $5 per month, but it has already become a market standard. Boosteroid’s one-year subscription ends up charging you as little as €4.16 per month. The two platforms have relatively close pricing, so their game libraries we’ve discussed above are indeed what matters.

You can use GeForce NOW for free, but often it all comes to waiting in a line for ages to play just one hour. Even a basic GeForce NOW subscription has its time limit. Boosteroid has no free trial, which is, of course, disappointing for many gamers. However, once you purchase a subscription, you can play 24/7 till it expires. There are no time limits.

Nvidia is using a simple solution that just works. You have to download the GeForce NOW app and register. That’s probably it. Nvidia has enough power to provide relatively stable streaming if you have a good Internet connection. Small drops are popping from time to time but it is not really a big deal.

Boosteroid has introduced several technical solutions for cloud gaming. You can run games in your browser with no additional software. Besides, you can enjoy a dynamic bitrate change. This technology really helps when your Internet connection gets lower than 15 Mbps. If this happens, the image loses sharpness so it’s easier for the online traffic to carry on. As a result, you have minor image quality issues, but the latency remains low and your gaming experience isn’t affected. At the same time, Boosteroid doesn’t have a drop compensating system like GeForce NOW. What is that about? Basically, when the Internet connection is dropping packages the gameplay video stream remains stable anyway. This is something you can not implement in a web browser.

Both Boosteroid and GeForce NOW are available on mobile phones. You’ll need a controller to play games, a 5G connection, or Wi-Fi, and your smartphone shouldn’t be too old-fashioned. It’s still worth a try!

So this is what you need to know about Boosteroid and GeForce NOW. Of course, there are a lot of other players on the market, but now you are familiar with at least two of them. Anyway, both companies strive to help gamers reduce costs on hardware upgrades and enjoy the latest titles on what’s close at hand.