For a lot of people, file recovery is something impossible or difficult. However, the number of occasions where you may need it is impressive. While you should have certain knowledge to calm yourself down and not give up to panic if formatting something you didn’t mean to, there’s software for almost anything now. So, in case you format an HDD or a flash drive for your Mac, there are a lot of suitable tools.

But then there’s another problem. Most people think they have to pay a lot to get a nice piece of software. In reality, though, there are at least 5 best data recovery solutions for Mac that are totally affordable and have free versions and features. We’ll look at the 3 leading programs.

Disk Drill for Mac: Professional Help Made Easy

Helping users since 2010, Disk Drill is a multifunctional professional utility. This is the only one on this list that is suitable for beginners. Its free features include scanning and previewing all the restored files. If you have everything necessary there, a Pro version will allow you to get the data.

The program supports over 300 formats and uses different ways to scan for files, helping revive the data on a wide range of devices, including USB, HDD, cameras, iPods, phones, etc. Using the software, you can prevent data loss and aid full recovery of your files in the future.

You can also monitor the “health” of your hard drive to avoid issues that may lead to the loss of files. And the Duplicate Finder feature will help find doubled files and delete them, making more free space. Speaking of the restoration itself, you can run a Quick Scan and a Deep Scan, depending on the damage control to be done.

There’s also a Disk Drill for Windows, so Microsoft users also can get premium help. To find out more about the leader of our TOP list, check out this Disk Drill Pro review.

Recover Deleted Files – Video Tutorial

TestDisk for Mac: Making Non-Bootable Disks Bootable

Another one of the best free data recovery tools for Mac is TestDisk. Its main functions are to help recover lost files and data. However, it also solves the problem of the non-booting disk. The utility is completely free and doesn’t have upgrades and supports multiple file systems, but the interface is quite difficult for most common users.

The manufacturer allows using its software for commercial purposes as well. Evaluate your knowledge of the procedures before using this one, though, due to the somewhat complicated interface.

The utility repairs and rebuilds damaged files, offering lots of chances that everything you need will be restored.

Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery: A Great Option That Needs More Attention

Lazersoft Mac Data Recovery certainly deserves much more attention than it gets. The tool helps macOS users for years now. The project gets financial support from non-compulsory donations, so there’s no paid Pro or Premium versions.

One of the best pieces of data recovery software was designed completely for macOS, there are no modifications for other operating systems. Being free and unlimited, it doesn’t have a very pleasant and user-friendly interface. However, this doesn’t make it any worse since it performs effectively. It’s a great tool for restoring data from HFS and HFS+ hard drives and iPods of all generations.

File restoration isn’t something to fear anymore. There are high-quality affordable tools that will become your emergency helpers. Some are more graphic and easy for beginners; others are more difficult to navigate. Nevertheless, all of the presented options are doing their job!