When it comes to home improvements, we always seem to focus on the interior. From redoing kitchens and bathrooms, installing home offices, and repainting every wall imaginable – it’s not long before we have the insides of our homes revamped and revitalized.

But what about the exterior?

So often we overlook the outside of our houses, even though this can make a huge difference to their overall value. Before you get started, it’s important to assess your finances, ensuring that you have enough in the pot to complete your home project – and a clear budget to stick to!

In this article, we explore a few different ideas on how to improve our homes from the outside.


Rendering the outside of your property can completely transform the look and feel of your home. Go from dark, dated brickwork to a clean white exterior – making your house look instantly bigger and brighter. The cost of rendering your home can differ dependent on the size of your property and the materials that you select. Be sure to do some research beforehand to work out what your preferences are.


It may sound simple but the addition of foliage and plants around the exterior of your home can make a huge impact on how it is perceived. Plants, quite literally, breathe life into the air and are the perfect tool for refreshing our homes from the outside in. Climbing ivy, for example, can create a beautiful green canopy providing a complementary contrast with brickwork or white rendering.

Landscape your garden

According to a recent study, having your garden professionally landscaped can increase the value of your home by over 75%! This also creates a beautiful outdoor sanctuary for you to enjoy across the warmer months. Make the most of summer barbecues, parties and family visits in a stunning outdoor space.

Convert your garage

If you have a garage that is currently pairing as a storage facility, crammed full of old belongings, it’s time to make a change! There’s no better time than in today’s current climate to transform your old garage into a pragmatic home office instead. Benefit from having a physically separate space from the rest of your home, helping to perfectly balance home life and work-life when working from home. Add a chunk of value to your property in the process by having an extra room to advertise.

Revamp your driveway

Never underestimate the power of a smooth, freshly done driveway. It hugely helps to make your home look neat and presentable – which is important as it’s the first thing with which potential buyers will be greeted!