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It is hard to nail down exactly when the real heyday of Las Vegas was, although culture tends to shine a light for us to follow. Incredible movies like Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Casino point to the fact that it was probably the eighties and naughty nineties that epitomized the extravagance of a city built from nothing in the midst of an unforgiving Nevada Desert.

It seemed for a long time like the Las Vegas dream would live forever, with Americans from every state still making the pilgrimage to the heart of the glitz and glamour that epitomizes the American dream.

However, nothing lasts forever, and this gaming capital of the world has come under intense pressure from places such as Singapore, Macau, and even Atlantic City.

With this in mind, the city’s powers-that-be have been on a mission to re-invent the place anew, so that it will attract new generations whose tastes don’t always skew towards the traditional.

This has meant the city transitioning to solar power and also becoming something of a tech hub, second only to Silicon Valley up the road.

While change is afoot in so many parts of the city and surrounding area, there is also an effort underway to re-connect Vegas with its core foundations: games and sports.

Be they classic casino games, online video games or professional sports, Sin City is making a big play to once again put itself to the fore of everything to do with sporting and gaming competition.

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Las Vegas has been undergoing a transformation of late. skeeze (CC0), Pixabay

NFL and NHL Both Come to Town

Major American sports leagues, as well as other sporting organizations, have long been linked with making Las Vegas a permanent base for themselves, but few have ever followed through.

All that has changed in recent years, with the Vegas Golden Knights causing a stir in the NHL and the NFL’s Raiders all set to do the same in their brand new stadium that overlooks the strip.

The hope is that having such major sporting attractions in town will bring fans from all over the States to Nevada, to either follow their own favorite team or to jump on the Raider or Golden Knight bandwagons.

There is also hope that it will drive the area’s sports betting industry forward, something that will only be accelerated further when established online bookmakers, who provide odds for the likes of the NHL and NFL, are allowed to operate more widely across the US. This potential regulatory change is another factor that must be taken into account when considering why Las Vegas is so keen to stamp its authority as a gaming capital before other destinations do the same.

Is a Dana White Casino on the Cards?

He is the man of the moment in sports entertainment, has grown one of the biggest sports franchises in history from scratch and recently sold it for billions of dollars.

Dana White is a man who likes a challenge, and a new one that he is rumored to be considering is the opening of his very own Las Vegas casino, one which would be entirely dedicated to sports and sports betting.

If this happens it is sure to be a hit and would perfectly complement having NHL and NFL teams in the neighborhood, as well as the UFC of course.

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Casinos on the strip are readying themselves for the eSports takeover. Michay-nq (CC0), Pixabay

Is eSports About to Make Las Vegas Business Owners Billions?

For a long time now, Las Vegas has featured in plenty of video games, but has been rather ambivalent as to their existence and worth.

All that is changing now, with eSports becoming a major player on the strip. During the last few years, the Luxor casino built the incredible HyperX eSports arena and now other competing casinos are already following suit.