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Isn’t “Winner Winner – Chicken Dinner” becoming the catchphrase among your friends? Or is the ‘Call for backup’ your emergency code? Either way, chances are that your walls against the Esports world got breached. And now you, too, are a part of the gaming community!

Wondering why and how the gaming industry is booming during a global crisis? Are you confused about how the pandemic blew the roof off of the gaming world with growth in a previously slow-paced career option? Well, you’ve come to the right place to satisfy your craving for gaming knowledge. Find out the reasons behind the unexpected boom for the gaming universe and more.


We all are familiar with the globally increasing state of growth that is quite often associated with the gaming industry. After being neglected for countless years, the esports industry had a hard time making a mark for itself in the business world. Although, the drastic global wave of online gaming affecting the global population for the past two decades. And with the frequency of significant e-sporting events of international stature exponentially rising, the industry got recognized by the masses.

With such recognition comes the responsibility to deliver. For which massive game development companies like Tencent, Blizzard, and Ubisoft, etc., have all contributed significantly. These companies have kept the flame of the industry going by producing top-notch globally likable video games. These include the world-famous e-sporting games that have grown on to become brands of their own; for example, Fortnite, PUBG, Overwatch, Assassin’s Creed, and countless more. Some of these games have lived out their time in the limelight. However, many die-hard fans still Google about their favorite series, like, is overwatch dead? Or should fans expect another sequel this year?

These companies have made a fortune in their span of developing such attractive, high graphics and realistic experiences to their users. And they expect to keep on growing. Hence the industry has sky-rocketed as the global isolation began. Here are some of the reasons that have helped the industry to boom.



The arrival of the novel coronavirus on the global front has devastated the entire world. With practices from all aspects of personal and professional lives disrupted. The higher proportion of the world’s population got left with no choice but to maintain social distancing, consequently isolating themselves from in-person interaction. It has caused the psychological need for communication inside the minds of the masses to an alarming extent. To tackle this problem, most individuals find it an easy solution to distract themselves with something that requires their time and attention. It suits perfectly to the criteria for e-sporting activities to attract a random user with their compelling graphics and competitive features.

With this massive increase in potential and active audience in the gaming industry, it is to reach a global value of $159 billion, which is three times greater in value than the music industry. The lockdown encouraged many hesitant individuals to explore this industry. It created ripple effects in favor of e-sports along with the range of attractive options. Which proves to be something that a person would always like once he/she gets a taste of it.


Another primary reason for the spiky revenues and general popularity of the industry is a new strategy. Historically, video games fell under the category of recreational activity that usually induced a one-time sale methodology as a business model. Although with the introduction of competitive platforms such as the Mountain Dew Gaming Arena and Esports World Championships. The trend of continued usage of particular games has undoubtedly affected the revenue model of the industry. Developing countries are now offering a variety of in-game features, including skins for weapons and special characters, etc. It would maintain the interest of the users in the game by providing them additional features. Also, monetizing the game to implement a more sustainable and lasting revenue model, capable of extracting high profits.


Furthermore, the advances in the technological world, along with the effects of COVID-19, have further encouraged growth. It has enabled countless users to access high quality and compelling games through faster internet connections and low compatibility requirements. Video games nowadays are being designed to require minimal resources without a compromise in class that has further attracted users. The introduction of Virtual Reality headsets and corresponding games has ignited a spark of interest among the masses.


A certain number of games developing giants such as Microsoft and Activision have also benefitted in this time. It happened by introducing new games into marketing according to the latest trends. For example, a game known as ‘Animal Crossing’ has experienced large amounts of digital sales in the pandemic struck time. It got fuelled by the underlying fact of more and more people getting bored at home, willing to try something new.


Consequently, one can judge that the gaming industry has undoubtedly been on the positive side of the rather destructive pandemic. The main reason judged to be the driving force for the boom in the gaming industry is the practice of social isolation. As more people are stuck at home with nothing to do, the more they require to distract themselves with mediums like video games. It has caused the gaming industry to bear fruit well over its already increasing potential, as along with other driving mechanisms such as additional in-game features and new, more attractive gaming technologies.