Have you ever heard of the terms, Free Spins casino and no deposit bonus codes? Do you know what each of these means? It is completely fine if you do not know about them. These terms and the likes will be explained in detail in this post.

Almost every gambling fan out there knows that all gambling platforms offer various kinds of bonuses to encourage new players. Some of these bonuses are offered at the time of signing-up and others might be offered within the game. However, despite the fact that gambling is becoming popular with each passing day, people are still unaware of the terms used to describe various kinds of bonuses online casinos offer.

To gain a better understanding and clarity about the names and concepts of bonuses offered, let’s look at the section below.

Types of Bonuses and How to Avail Them

There are mainly two types of bonuses offered by online casinos: free spins bonus and a no deposit bonus. There is a third type too which is called no deposit free spins. All of these and how they can be used have been explained in detail below.

No Deposit Bonus

A ‘No Deposit bonus’, as its name implies, is offered to players at the beginning stage when they are deciding to sign-up with the gambling site. This bonus is offered in the form of codes. All players need to do is register with a site and enter the code in the relevant box. The amount associated with the offer would be automatically added to their account.

Normally, when players sign-up for a gambling site, they are required to deposit some amount in their account. The amount can be as low as $5 or $10 or higher than that. However, if a player signs up for a gambling site using the ‘No Deposit Bonus codes’, they may be exempted from this requirement. This is exactly the purpose of a No Deposit bonus.

To sum it up, a No Deposit bonus allows players to join the gambling site without having to place any of their own money as ‘deposit’. It allows them to place bets using the amount given to them by the online casino as free cash. However, it is important to note here that online casinos do not allow withdrawing the bonus amount.

It is only given to the players so that they may use it on games provided by gambling websites and gain experience. If any player violates the game’s rules and decides to withdraw the free cash given to them by the casino, not only the attempt is made unsuccessful but also the player is banned from playing again on the site.

They do this because, firstly, it is sort of a rip-off or abuse on casino’s part. It is unethical to kind of steal the money provided to you by the casino with the intention that you will play their game.

Secondly, players need to understand that online casinos make money out of the games played by users and if every user keeps running away with free cash, they might end up bankrupt. Therefore, it is both, a moral and legal obligation of players to use the free cash in playing games on the casino’s website. Any wins from the games played by this cash belong solely to the player.

Free Spins

The second type of bonus or promotional offer given by online casinos includes Free Spins. A Free Spin is a chance given by the casino to the player to place a free bet on slots games once the player has deposited their amount and has been playing for a while.

A Free Spin allows players to win cash if their bets are successful just like they would from a regular spin during the game. Unlike ‘No Deposit bonuses’, Free Spins are not offered by all online casinos. There are a limited number of casinos that offer this kind of betting and allow users to win.

Moreover, a Free Spin offer can only be availed after having deposited a certain amount of balance. For example, a regular Free Spin offer may read something like this: Deposit $5 and get 1 Free Spin today.  This is just an example of how Free Spin offers might read to give readers an idea about how to spot and identify a free spin offer when they see one and benefit from it.

Free Spins can further be subdivided into two types, the regular Free Spin which has been discussed, and the ‘No Deposit Free Spin’. A No Deposit Free Spin is provided to players at the beginning of the game and it does not require any initial deposit on the player’s part. All players need to do is simply create an account with the online casino and avail these offers which come as part of welcome bonuses.

A No Deposit Free Spin is offered in rare circumstances, even fewer times than a regular Free Spin. This is because casinos need to make money in order to keep offering players an online gambling platform.

If they start making abundant offers like this and non-serious players keep trying to scam them and run away with free cash credited to their accounts, online casinos will soon hit the road. Therefore, in order to preserve one’s rights and save themselves from such abuse, the No Deposit Free Spin offers are not made commonly by all casinos.


By now, the terms used in the opening paragraph must have become clear. A Free Spin casino is the one which will be offering free spins and No Deposit bonus codes are codes used at the time of registration to avail the bonus offer which does not require any deposit on the player’s part. It is important for new gamblers to get themselves acquainted with the gambling industry lingo and terminology. This would help them understand the rules, terms, and offers better and make wiser decisions.