sliced pizza on brown wooden table

When working from home, it can be easy to forgo lunch. Making the time and keeping yourself accountable to get up and eat is important in nourishing your body and your mind. Having a plethora of quick, easy lunch ideas on deck will make it more manageable to step away from your desk and grab some fuel. Don’t forget to block out a lunch break in your calendar, so people do not try to schedule a meeting with you while you are enjoying one of these appetizing options.

Chicken salad wraps

This is a simple, delicious, healthy meal. It only requires three ingredients and can be done in just a couple of minutes. Start with a Caesar salad mix. This is the best option to purchase because it comes with salad and dressing but also often includes parmesan cheese and some seasoning. Mix this up in a bowl, and then throw in some chicken. You can use a shredded rotisserie chicken or buy pre-cooked chicken at the store to make your lunch prep even faster! Once that’s all mixed up, fold it into your tortilla, and you’re good to go!

Japanese instant noodles

Another quick, easy lunch is Japanese instant noodles. They are filling, delicious, and authentic, even while being cooked in such a short time. They require little to no prep time, depending on how you cook them and what you decide to do with them. Typically filling the instant noodle cup with boiling water and covering it for a few minutes will do the trick. There are a variety of seasonings and soup bases available to fit your taste buds. Adding a scrambled egg into it is a great way to add some protein while still keeping lunch prep brief.

Snack box

A snack box lunch is great because it can be prepped the night before or that morning and be ready to grab out of the fridge and sit down with when you are ready. The options for a snack box lunch are endless. Some great combos? Try a Mediterranean-style snack box with hummus, pita, carrots, grapes, and tomatoes. You could also do a taco salad snack box with corn, black beans, tomatoes, avocado, and tortilla chips. Whatever combo you love can make for a perfect, quick lunch. Just be sure to keep it well-balanced!


Quesadillas are an effortless lunch option and are delicious no matter which way you make them. Along with being tasty, they’re incredibly cheap to make, even by today’s standards! This lunch can be as simple as grabbing a tortilla, filling it with shredded cheese, and throwing it in a pan for a couple of minutes. To step it up a bit, you could add in your favorite veggies or some grilled protein. Top it with sour cream, guacamole, or salsa for extra flavor. 

Acai Bowl

While these Instagrammable meals look complex to make, they are uncomplicated and delicious. It’s a sweet, filling lunch that only takes a couple of minutes to make and will have you wishing you were consuming it on a tropical beach instead of in-between client calls. Throw greek yogurt, frozen berries, banana, apple juice, and frozen acai puree into a blender. Once mixed, pour into a bowl and top how you see fit! Some possible topping options include peanut butter, granola, chopped fruit, coconut shavings, or chia seeds. They are customizable to your taste preferences while still staying simple. 

Egg salad sandwich

This is a great lunch to eat while working from home because you do not have to worry about your co-workers getting annoyed with the smell of your meal! Egg salad sandwiches are a classic meal that can be mostly prepared ahead of time. First, hard boil your eggs. The key to getting these just right is turning off the burner once the water reaches boiling and letting the eggs sit for 12 minutes. When they’re done cooking, move them directly to a bowl of ice water to cool, which also makes it easier to peel. Once the eggs are ready, peel them and mix them in a bowl with mayo. Fill between two slices of your bread of choice! For some extra flavor, add some chopped onion, dijon mustard, or a dash of paprika.