For novice online bettors, sports betting seems like an easy way to make money. What could be simpler – to bet on the desired event and get money from it. But reality is often harsh. So, newcomers in online betting should follow these tips to increase the percentage of winnings already on the way.

1. How to choose a bookmaker?

When answering the question of how to bet on sports on the Internet, you should always pay attention to the bookmaker’s license.

The Internet is full of bookmakers, including those that do not pay out winnings. Therefore, before placing a bet, pay attention to the site’s license. If it is a foreign company, then, as a rule, on the main page of the site at the very bottom, pay attention to the “Licenses” section. It contains the licensing authority and the date the license was issued.

2. Follow your financial plan

There is nothing wrong with betting on your favorite team from time to time for fun. But if you are going to practice sports betting professionally, you must have a clear financial plan.

Set aside the money that you are willing to spend on the game. And put a certain% of all money. Safe – 1 – 3% of the total amount. Sports betting is not easy money as advertised. To win consistently, you need to be well versed in sports. Play responsibly. Never gamble with your last money or gamble on debt.

3. Prepare psychologically for probable losses

Treat failures as lessons and as part of the game. In sports, there are no victories alone. Learn to fail. You cannot place bets and always only win. Or it is possible, but the security services of the bookmaker’s offices monitor such players.

It should be borne in mind that you are playing against the bookmaker, and it is not profitable for them that someone constantly wins. Therefore, consistent winnings are suspicious and not always good. Know how to lose and over a long distance any loss will not be terrible for you.

Everyone decides for himself what sports betting is for him. If a hobby and an opportunity to add interest to watching an upcoming football match, then place it as your heart dictates. If you want to make sports betting your livelihood and source of income, then be prepared for the fact that you will have to spend a lot of time behind them. Follow sports events and play sports – and someday you will definitely get lucky.

4. Do not bet exclusively live and do not use catch-up

Live bets are a goldmine for bookmakers. All your bets must be thought out prior to the start of the game. It is better not to bet during the game if you are not a professional. Also, Martingale bets do not work when you double your bet size or look for doubled odds. The point is that subsequent events do not depend on the previous ones. There are no strategies that win 100%.

5. Don’t buy sports betting predictions

Only bet sellers benefit from buying sports betting. In the roughest example, it works like this. Let’s say you sold a forecast to one group of people with a victory for team A, and another with a victory for team B. In any case, one of the events will happen, and for one group, the betting seller will become a real pro in the world of sports, and they will buy another prediction. and for the other – another swindler, from whom they leave. And the seller himself can make excuses that 95% of the rates pass, but they got into a bad streak, in the very 5% of rates that did not work.

6. Do not be sprayed with many types of sports betting

Be an expert in one sport. Learn to properly understand one sport. Moreover, it is better if at first it will be a sport in which draws are impossible. For example, tennis, basketball or biathlon. This will increase your chances of winning.

7. Don’t rely solely on low odds

Sports are not 100% predictable, which is why bookmakers manage to make a profit. If you can place a bet on an event, then there is a chance that it will not happen. And this happens even with the rates with the lowest odds up to 1.05-1.15. Don’t believe me? Then put the system on 10-12 events with odds below 1.20 and see how many of them fail.


It’s really easy to place an online bet. Knowing the tips and strategies that are written on the real experience of professionals, it becomes easier for beginners to join the process of making money when online betting. Make yourself a professional and you will always stay awake while taking your winnings.