Path of Exile has introduced the Angels and Demons mystery box, which brings a lot of new goodies to the game. If you are willing to pay 30 points of PoE currency, you will get a guaranteed microtransaction with equal or greater value than the box.

What is inside the Angel and Demons Mystery Box?

The microtransaction mentioned above will come in a variety of rarities, from Rare to Uncommon, and Common. The rare PoE items that each come with a number of points attached to them include Angelic or Demonic Wings at 320 points. For 250 points, there’s Angelic or Demonic Body Armour, and for 230 points there’s the Angelic or Demonic Cloak. As you have probably gathered by now, there is a choice of either Angelic or Demonic renditions of the Path of Exile items. For 210 points, there is a Character Effect for each side, plus a Bow Skin and Weapon Effect worth 180 points. Finally, at a worth of 150 points, there is an Angelic/Demonic Portal.

Moving onto Uncommon items, we range from Pegasus/Demonic Steed Pets worth 160 points, down to the Immortal Call/Demonic Flame Dash Effect at 110 points. Between these two, we have Helmets, Boots, and Gloves in both Angelic and Demonic varieties, plus Aura Effects. As for the Common items, these start with the highest point item behind the Angelic/Demonic Hood at 100 points, followed by Footprints, Building supplies, Curios, and Environment Decoration making up the rest in Angelic or Demonic choices. There’s also the Angelic Moth Pet or the Demonic Spider Pet to get to.

Reward Combinations

Another feature is the ability to combine a lot of the Path of Exile items that you find in the Mystery Box. One example given is the armor sets. If you were to receive both the Angelic and Demonic Armour, you would be able to combine it to make the extremely eye-catching Pandemonium Body Armour. If you do want to combine your PoE items, simply press the “M” to get to your Microtransaction stash. Then, look for the Path of Exile item that you wish to combine, and then you just click on the gold symbol in the top right corner. This will bring up a combination screen, allowing you to combine Armour Sets, Cloaks, Wings, Footprints, and Hoods.

Opening the Mystery Box

To open your Mystery Box after purchase, go to the Consumable section in your microtransaction stash. You can then find your boxes here to be unwrapped.

You can expect to get a lot of exciting PoE items in these Mystery Boxes it would seem. So, if you need a break from hunting PoE orbs or PoE Uniques, and you want to get some neat Angelic or Demonic items, then this is the way to go. You are bound to be used to seeing many PoE unique items if you engage in PoE trade, but the combinations that you get here will truly catch your eye.

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