Experienced businessmen prefer to expand their activities to the Internet. This is the right decision that allows you to attract customers, provide them with a comfortable use of the site and mobile application. First of all, you need to choose the programming language that suits you. Today there are a huge number of them for different purposes. Do not rush to choose. Be sure to read the characteristics of each of them.

Sometimes choosing hybrid instruments is the best option. With their help, programmers create hybrid applications. Their other name is cross-platform. They do not need to be configured for each OS for mobile devices. The developer only needs to create 1 universal app. This will greatly save you time and money. In this article, we will look at how does cross platform work app and how it is created.

What is a cross-platform app development framework?

These are tools for creating a new product based on existing ones. The specialist uses a common code base and develops a suitable application for any operating system. For many entrepreneurs, this is the best option. By using this method, you can save a lot of time and effort, but a large number of buyers will find out about your offer. Choose the right language to create any hybrid applications:

1. С++.

2. JavaScript и HTML5.

3. Java/Kotlin.

4. Ruby and other.

Popular cross-platforms

React Native

React Native app is widely used today. It is a universal option that suits a variety of applications. The specialist must write separate sections of the code. In the future, they can be used on almost any platform. Other advantages: fast development, support for various plugins. Experts do not need to build anything again. The application of the famous taxi company “Uber” was created using this blank.


This option was officially introduced in 2011. The platform is used to form various applications, based on the well-known C # language. This makes it possible to create applications for mobile phones with different operating systems, as well as for tablets and other portable devices. It was this platform that became the foundation for the creation of the Microsoft News application.


Convenient environment for comfortable formation of mobile applications. Universal version for different operating systems, works with many languages: JavaScript, CSS3 and many others. The Adobe application can be considered a good example of development in this case. In addition, Cordova became the basis for the formation of the Angular language, which programmers widely use for their own goals.

There are many other frameworks, so great prospects open up for developers. If you are interested in this option. You will find a lot of useful information here.