If you decide to engage in volleyball betting and your choice falls on volleyball, you should first be sure that you know the rules of this game well. 

Even if you plan to use ready-made forecasts and, roughly speaking, put them blind, it is still desirable to know the basics of the game and some important aspects. After all, this way, you will be able to check whether a banal mistake has been made in the forecast and whether you should stick to the forecast that you have at all. 

In order for you to clearly understand how to decipher the forecast and what your bet is, you need to understand what types of bets there are on volleyball and what each of them is based on. Let’s look into this in more detail. 

Betting options

There are several bets in volleyball, and so that you do not have difficulties understanding each of them, you need to take a little of your time and familiarize yourself with them. 

Bet on the outcome of the match

In volleyball, it is quite difficult to predict the exact score based on the outcome of the match. When the game is played between teams that differ in the level of play, the 3:1 score may have too small a coefficient. Many sites of betting companies offer to bet you both on the outcome of the match and on a separate result of the set. But no matter how great it sounds, betters with experience try to avoid such bets in volleyball.

Bets on total (more, less)

Such a bet is considered one of the most interesting in volleyball. Bets can be made on the total number of points scored by a certain team for this match played or, for example, for a certain set.

Before you place a bet, conduct a thorough analysis of the game form, the players who are part of the team and are considered strong, as well as the team itself, and much more. Bookmakers calculate the total points in a set based on the possible total score and, of course, the average score.

Odds betting

A handicap bet means the difference in the number of points that were scored between the teams. What does it mean? The obvious advantage or lag of one of the two teams. If we consider an example, then:

A victory of 1P with a handicap of 7.5. If the first team wins the set you bet on with a difference of 8 or more points, then the bet wins. Also, in bookmakers, you can find that handicaps are offered not for individual sets and games but also for the entire match.

Live bets

If you are an attentive player and carefully track the line, then you have the opportunity to make good money on live bets. Here there are the same lines as in regular matches, that is, the exact score, total, or handicap. You can also bet on which team will win a point next. In order for the bet to be successful, it is important to be able to concentrate. Live betting is loved for the fact that, in real-time, a betterer can watch a match or a set and decide which bet to make depending on how the gameplay develops and taking into account many other factors. 

Odd or even

Do not try to guess this bet. It is almost impossible to do it. Therefore, this type of bet is quite risky. And if you additionally take into account the margin from the bookmaker, then it does not make sense to make such a bet at all. 

Some fans still like risk and can make such a bet, but for this, you need to rely very much on luck, and even a thorough analysis will not always help you. 

Features of volleyball betting

Always during the bet, you need to take into account the main features of the game of volleyball because they can significantly adjust your strategy and forecasts and can also help you win and beat the betting company. 

So, more about these features:

  • The result of the whole game will depend on the main attacker and libero. Check before the game if they have any injuries. 
  • The difference or the gap of 10 points is easily corrected during the game. A big gap in points in the middle of a set will not necessarily remain the same at the end of the set. It is good to consider this point, especially if you are participating in a live bet. 
  • Volleyball clubs of the highest levels can often play in domestic championships and, at the same time, at major tournaments. This may affect the results of a not particularly important match, for example, in the home championship, before the world game, which will be decisive.
  • In Turkey or Eastern Europe, from time to time, there are cases of match-fixing. But obviously, it is almost impossible to calculate it. If you watch the match closely, you may notice a strange course of events. This is what will allow you to avoid bad bets in the end.
  • It is best to make a bet in real-time, and then there is a better chance that she will play because you are watching the match, and you can adjust the bet.