Given how tremendously popular World of Warcraft has been among the most diverse populations of players, it’s only natural that certain aspects of the game appear to confuse its less experienced fans. When it comes to the Mythic feature that was first introduced in a 2016 patch, even seasoned WoW adepts have reported difficulties completing the mission. Whether you are attracted by the prospect of obtaining high-ilvl epic gear or impatient to leave the challenge behind, proper tactics are key. Read below to learn how to raid a Mythic plus dungeon easily and efficiently.

Mythic Keystones Defined

Many players seem uncertain as to the meaning of Mythic plus keystones and the role that they play in World of Warcraft’s gameplay. The term refers to a system of highly challenging dungeons that are different from regular ones in several respects. Most notably, they promise higher item level end-of-dungeon gain, which is what makes many players go hunting for keystones. If you own Mythic keystones but lack experience, you might need assistance in completing the raid.

Keystones are items needed to activate a dungeon. At least one of each five-player party is required to have the respective keystone in order to start a raid. Affected dungeons can potentially use affixes that modify the behavior of enemies in them and are quite diverse.

The Mythic plus mode is available for dungeons from the following WoW editions:

  • Legion (but not Assault on Violent Hold),
  • Battle of Azeroth,
  • Shadowlands.

Beating the Key Dungeon

The Mythic+ mode is similar to Challenge in that it includes a timer that limits your time for beating all the dungeon’s enemies. When the mission is completed, you get a keystone of the next level for any random dungeon plus epic gear of an appropriate item level. Otherwise, you get a lower keystone. Since no lockouts apply to Mythic plus dungeons, there’s nothing to prevent you from attempting the same feat more than once.

The two keys to beating a keystone are having reliable companions (because disconnecting after a raid has started means automatic loss of keystone level) and paying attention to the affixes that apply. Every dungeon in the Mythic+ system will get an affix changing the gameplay to some extent starting from Level 2 (the first affixes you will experience add health and damage potential to bosses as well as non-boss enemies).

Dealing with Difficulties

Fighting off raving enemies while also competing with the clock can be a huge challenge. Pressure typically builds as your Mythic+ keystone level increases, often causing frustration. If that is the case, we recommend that you consider the so-called WoW carry services, which means turning to professional players to keep you company during the next raid and boost your performance. What you get is guidance and access to the valuable end-of-raid gear as well as that from the Great Vault, all at the cost of only minimum effort depending on how involved you want to get.