Forbes works on covering the financial side and activity of successful people. The magazine covers various directions, providing its analysis of one or other achievements. The Forbes nominations cover include different types of activities. Esports, which is frequently united with regular sports, has entered the list recently. Which European sportsmen have appeared in Forbes?

Oleksandr S1mple Kostyliev

Oleksandr started playing CS:GO at the age of four. In 2018, he became the strongest player in this discipline. S1mple plays stably at a high level and brings success to his team. He has been playing for Na’Vi since 2016 but Kostyliev had changed lots of teams before this, including the foreign ones. By estimations, the sportsman has earned more than one and a half million dollars, placing fifth by the sum of the earned prize money in CS:GO.

Alexey Solo Berezin

The experienced captain has gathered one of the most successful Dota 2 teams, which had not been seen in the CIS since the old Na’Vi roster. During a few seasons, Virtus.Pro with Alexey Solo Berezin managed to achieve success at the majority of esports tournaments by Valve. However, he has not conquered the main competition yet. Solo enters the top 50 richest sportsmen in terms of prizes in Dota 2.

Roman Ramzes666 Kushnarev

The Dota player has been Alexey Solo Berezin’s teammate for a long time. Roman’s key success was related to that roster, he was considered to be one of the strongest players in his position. Kushnarev’s career was developing pretty rapidly. He got in Team Spirit, with which he qualified for The Shanghai Major. Ramzes666 moved to Virtus.Pro through Team Empire. Having played another position in the USA, Roman returned to his native team and native role. This year, he almost made it to The International 2022, but there was a misunderstanding with the calculation of points. Now, VP will try to make it through the qualification.

Kirill Boombl4 Mikhaylov

Kirill began playing professionally in 2017. In a year, he transferred to Winstrike, after which he moved to Na’Vi. The transfer was the most expensive one in the history of European esports, according to CEO Yaroslav Komkov. In Natus Vincere, Boombl4 replaced the legendary player and became a successful captain quickly. Kirill Mikhaylov earned more than a million dollars of prize money in his career.

Magomed Collapse Khalilov

Very few people knew about Magomed two years ago but, having joined Team Spirit, the young offline player created a real sensation. His team achieved victory at TI 10 and Collapse is considered to be one of the main creators of this success. In 2022, according to Forbes, he entered the top 30 before 30 in his category.


More and more sportsmen are featured in prestigious magazines and various ratings. It is due to the development of the industry, which is significantly influenced by players, and also multi-million prizes.