For those of you who love to watch funny homemade and character comedy videos, Tourettes Guy is not an alien name. Popular for their humorous depiction of a life with Tourettes, the Tourettes Guy’s video series broke the internet in 2004 with their content going viral on various online platforms. However, there are many mysteries that surround the creators of these videos. This article enlists all information about The Tourettes Guy video series and explores each one of those mysteries in detail.

What is The Tourettes Guy Series all about?

The Tourettes Guy video series was about a man named Danny who was suffering from Tourette’s syndrome. Tourettes syndrome is a neuro-developmental disorder. It causes motor and vocal tics in people suffering from it. This means that people who suffer from this disorder lose their ability to control their muscles and keep blinking multiple times uncontrollably. Tics may also include coughing and clearing one’s throat repeatedly, shouting profanity, etc. Danny, the main character of the Tourettes Guy video series, would always be wearing a neck brace and shouting curses in his various skits.

The Rise of the Tourettes Guy | 2001-2006

Contrary to the popular information, Tourettes Guy did not originate in 2004. In fact, the first-ever videos of Tourettes Guy were posted online somewhere in 2001-2002. These videos appeared on a page named ‘Tony the Tiger with Tourettes Syndrome’ on an infamous website.

Initially, the videos did not receive much attention and kept lying idly on the webpage until 2004. This is when the official Tourettes Guy website ( was launched. These videos were re-uploaded on the new website and BOOM! They went viral overnight. The Tourettes Guy ended up gaining much appreciation and dedicated fans shared his work everywhere online including YouTube. Since that day, Tourettes Guy videos kept popping up and entertained fans worldwide.

The videos gained so much popularity that fans started making memes about them. Popular meme hosting websites such as eBaum’s World and YTMND had their users upload memes about the Tourettes Guy in the year 2004 and 2005 respectively. Danny, the man who played the Tourettes Guy in videos became an online fad and inspired other people to start their own character comedy videos/shows over video hosting platforms such as YouTube.

The Tourettes Guy gets Jailed| 2007-2008

In 2007, the official Tourettes Guy website announced Danny’s demise which saddened a lot of fans worldwide. However, a 2008 YouTube video broke the news of Danny being alive and negated the claims of his death as being false. This made fans question Danny about the pause in his videos and his fake death news. The answer came from the web. Danny had been imprisoned on account of drunk driving in 2007. The website broke the false news and gained even more popular than they could have by stating Danny’s imprisonment.

The Return of the Tourettes Guy |2009-2017

The original website, which had gone offline after posting Danny’s fake death news, was replaced with a new one called The new website soon began uploading content created by Danny once again. This went on till 2017 when Danny posted his last video on Christmas Day. Since that year, no new videos of Danny have come out and the new website no longer hosts the Tourettes Guy content. It seems to be down too.

Tourettes Guy in Media and His Most Famous Fads

Owing to his popularity, a lot has been said and discussed The Tourettes Guy on Fandom websites, meme websites, YouTube, and other information providing websites such as Reddit and Quora. While YouTube consists of numerous Tourettes Guy videos uploaded by random fans, other websites either provide information about him or share his most popular fads.

One of the most popular videos about Tourettes Guy on YouTube is a standup comedy clip by Bob Saget uploaded by Comedy Dynamics channel. Bob Saget is a popular comedian and his name was one of the most famous Tourettes Guy videos, Bob Saget. It was one of the oldest videos Danny had uploaded on his initial website in which he would often yell ‘Oh Bob Saget!’ as a response to police officer’s query. This amused the fans a lot and these words became really popular with them. Other popular Tourettes Guy videos include ‘The Angry Janitor’, ‘Fuck Salt’ and ‘The Mall Santa’.

Tourettes Guy even has a web app listed for being sold on Amazon. This is actually quite an achievement for a character comedy person to have achieved this level of influence and popularity in his fans’ hearts. Tourettes Guy has a dedicated social media page on Facebook and the last posts are dated 2013. However, fans keep posting on his page even today.

The Mysteries behind the Tourettes Guy

Though the Tourettes Guy became a well-known comic figure really fast, there were some mysteries about him that still remain unsolved. Starting from the most common one, there is an ongoing debate in the character comedy community about the real identity of the Tourettes Guy and whether or not the series was scripted. Though fans love to believe that Danny was a real guy suffering from the Tourettes disorder and made funny non-scripted videos inside his home, others believe that the Tourettes Guy was a scripted show and Danny’s character was played by actor Tony Six. They also claim that other characters appearing in his clips included Jared Six, Sal Lizard and other paid actors.

The actor Tony Six sometimes comes across as Anthony L. Six on the internet which is just a varied form of his name. As for Jared, he used to play Danny’s son in these videos and rumor has it that he is his real-life son too. Jared is also rumored to be the person who uploaded ‘The Tourettes Guy’ videos in 2001-2002 on an infamous website.

Sal Lizard is said to have played Danny’s father in ‘The Tourettes Guy’ video series. There were other characters in Danny’s videos which were either only heard or made short appearances such as the janitor in ‘The Angry Janitor’. Their names remain unknown until today.

The second mystery concerns the present whereabouts of Danny and whether or not he really suffered from Tourette’s syndrome. Many fan websites have tried looking into the sudden disappearance of Danny once again since his last video came out in 2017. Fans want to know where Danny is now and is he alive or really dead. In 2016 a website called literally took aerial shots and googled images of Danny’s residence in Columbus, Ohio. However, this was in 2016 and there are no confirmed grounds if this information was true.

There are no answers to the questions about Danny’s true identity and his whereabouts; therefore they still remain a puzzle.