The detailed process of creating a Konami ID has been described below. Users can follow these steps and easily create their accounts, keeping in mind the sensitivity and importance of guarding their Konami ID and passwords.

If you are a video game enthusiast, you must probably know about all the various video gaming platforms online. For those of you who don’t, some of the most popular online video gaming platforms include Steam and Konami. While downloading and Installing Steam software and then making an account with its online platform is quite easy, many people struggle with creating a proper Konami ID and keeping it secure. In this post, you can find step by step details of creating a Konami ID and maintaining your account’s security.

Steps to Create a Konami ID

  1. In order to create a Konami ID, the first step is to visit:
  2. The landing page shows four tabs out of which 2 of them are where the information needs to be entered marked as ‘Information Entry 1’and ‘Information Entry 2’. The remaining two are for confirming and completing registration.
  3. The first tab requires players to enter their country and region details, language preferences, and personal information such as date of birth and email address.
  4. The bottom of the page requires visual verification provided by the player before hitting the ‘Next’ button.
  5. All fields mark with an asterisk (*) are mandatory on this page.
  6. Once done, users need to tick (✔) the square box in front of Konami terms and services to accept them and then move on to the next page.
  7. The second screen which appears asks users to check their email inbox and click the link provided in the email sent by Konami management to access the second ‘Information Entry’ page.
  8. The dialogue box also states that if the email address provided is invalid or incorrect, then users need to commence their registration process from page 1 once again.
  9. However, if a user did not receive email despite entering all the right information then they need to check their other mail folders such as Spam.
  10. After accessing the link from within the email sent by Konami management, users are redirected to the second information entry page.
  11. Here, users are required to create their unique Konami IDs which can consist of both, numbers (0-9) and alphabets (a-z).
  12. The minimum number of characters allowed in a Konami ID is 8 while the maximum is 32.
  13. The next box requires them to create a unique Konami password for their Konami account.
  14. Users are advised to refrain from easily guessable passwords and keep the minimum password length at 8 characters.
  15. Users are also advised to create alphanumeric combinations instead of creating only numeric or only alphabetical passwords.
  16. Users are barred from using symbols in their passwords as well as keeping their passwords identical to their Konami ID.
  17. The next option after confirmation of their password is to select the frequency of changing passwords.
  18. This option allows users to set the number of times in a year they would wish to update their passwords periodically.
  19. The Konami management advises its users to change their passwords as many times as possible throughout the year in order to keep their Konami accounts safe.
  20. In the end, the page asks users to select a secret question of their own choice from the ones provided and provide a secret answer to it.
  21. This secret question is used to gain access and guard the Konami users’ account against any potential attempt of account hacking.
  22. The secret answer, once again, cannot consist of symbols.
  23. The last option on the page is about whether or not users wish to receive promotional emails and updates from Konami Digital Entertainment Company.
  24. It is upon users’ discrepancy whether they choose to receive emails or opt-out of them.
  25. Once dealt with this option, hit the ‘Nest’ button and move on to the next page.
  26. This page is titled ‘Confirmation’ page and it reconfirms all the information entered by the users on previous pages.
  27. In case users need to make any changes, they are advised to click the ‘Edit’ option and then go back to the previous page and make changes to the section they wish to edit.
  28. Before hitting the final confirmation button, the page informs users that guarding and managing their account information such as passwords and screenshots of their activities is solely their responsibility.
  29. In case any such information gets leaked, management will not be held responsible.
  30. Additionally, in case of a lost, forgotten or stolen password, a new password can be issued but the old one cannot be granted access to by the Konami management.
  31. After reading these points, hit the ‘Next’ button to complete registration.
  32. Once users have completed their online registration form, now they are required to enter their personal information such as name, gender, address and phone number on the next page.
  33. This information is being asked to set up their Konami Profile.
  34. Once done, users are asked to log in from the ID they just created by visiting this link:
  35. After entering the login information, users are asked to check all variants of the characters shown on the page to confirm that they are human.
  36. Once users sign in, they are asked to turn on the 2 –step verification process in order to protect their accounts from possible hacking attempts.
  37. Once done, users are now free to use their Konami ID to play games online.

Disclaimers about Konami ID & Password

As per the Konami Digital Entertainment B.V., the creation and protection of a Konami ID and password is solely the user’s responsibility. In any event, where the users lose access to their Konami ID or their account information gets stolen, the Konami management will not be responsible for it. In order to help users keep the security of their Konami ID intact, following notable pieces of advice are given to them by the Konami Management:

  • Avoid entering passwords in public places and crowded areas.
  • Avoid sharing your Konami ID and password with anyone.
  • Avoid responding to emails asking for your Konami password on behalf of Konami Digital Entertainment B.V. The company never asks for access to any of its users’ passwords.
  • Avoid using public video gaming machines in gaming arenas other than those provided by Konami Digital Entertainment B.V.
  • In any event, where the users have provided wrong country/region information to gain access to varied online services and they land into trouble, Konami Digital Entertainment might not be able to help them out and provide customer support.