Deagle Skins

CS:GO is packed with attractive weapon skins. Pistol skins, in particular, are very popular among players and collectors. However, CS:GO trading has become more lucrative over the years attracting all sorts of people that want to make money. That’s why it’s hard to find trustworthy marketplaces. Let alone find trustworthy marketplaces that feature the top CS:GO pistol skins.

If you are looking to trade CS:GO pistol skins, you’ve stumbled upon the rights article. Here is our top CS:GO pistol skins collection. Take your time to research so that you can find the one most attractive to you.

Deagle Skins

Desert Eagle is one of the favorite CS:GO community guns. Some of the rarest Deagle skins are obtainable at CSGO trade bot sites. Here are some of our top Deagle skins.

The Desert Eagle Blaze design and color palette turns Deagle into a fire engulfed gun. The skin has a significant visual impact and will help you stand out from your teammates.

Desert Eagle Mudder features dark brown and green colors. It adds that the desired camo look to a desert eagle – definitely an eye grabber.

Tec-9 Skins

Tec-9 had its ups and downs when it came to its in-game popularity. However, the attractive skins helped it be one of the often used pistols. We deem several Tec-9 skins to be our top picks.

Tec-9 Army Mesh is one of the better-looking skins for this pistol. Its unique mesh pattern and military colors turn this pistol into the most-wanted item.

Tec-9 Re-entry is a go-to skin for many Tec-9 fans. It has a minimal impact on the look and feel of the pistol’s 3D model and makes it look as if burning hot or stained in blood.

5-7 Skins

Five-SeveN is a gun with unique looks and characteristics. The 5-7 skins make it look even more attractive.

Five-SeveN Scumbria is one of the top skins for this gun. It transforms it into this beautiful piece of weapon with glow effects and subtle marks on the metallic parts.

The Five-SeveN Flame Test looks great on this pistol. Its default purple color plays nice with metallic gray and black, delivering a unique visual experience.

R8 Skins

R8 revolver gives players that unique shooting experience. It looks great even without skin. However, some of our top R8 skins do help make playing with R8 quite a joy.

R8 Crimson Web is one of the rarest skins for this pistol, especially if battle-scarred. It makes R8 appear as if it has been laying out of use for quite some time, adding rust stains all over its barrel, body, and muzzle.

R8 Bone Mask is one of the coolest skins one can find in CS:GO. It adds that camo effect to R8 but does it in a unique and quite attractive way.

P250 Skins

P250 is compact, resistant to elements, and precise. What would you want more from a gun? Better looks? We got you.

P250 Sand Dune is a marvelous skin for this pistol. It makes it look like a weapon used for spec ops. It’s definitely one of a kind.

P250 Wingshot brings that gang vibe to this pistol. The skin combines yellow and black colors of attractive looks. The tiny skull on the handle makes this skin a must-have for collectors.

CZ75 Skins

CZ75-Auto skins make an already visually unique pistol more awesome. The community has a sweet tooth for many CZ75 skins, but our tops picks go as follows.

CZ75-Auto Emerald Quartz is a skin that has a very pleasant visual impact on the overall gun appearance. It makes the gun more green with fine patterns on top of the body.

CZ75-Auto Tigris is a safari skin, as the name suggests. If you love tiger print, you’ll most likely love this skin too.

Dual Berettas Skins

Dual Berettas or .40 Dual Elites offer a unique shooting experience. With the right skin, this experience gets even better.

Dual Berettas Dualing Dragons is one of the best skins you can find in CS:GO. The skin is beautiful and adds the “made out of wood” effect to the pistol handle, and features a dragon drawing covering the majority of both guns.

Dual Berettas Elite 1.6 is a go-to skin from many CS:GO true fans. It delivers that true elite looks many players crave for along with the distinguishable red dots on the dark gray design. The ELITE caption comes with it too.

USP-S Skins

USP-S is often used with players that want to make headshots without revealing their position in close-quarter combat. Well, the following skins will undoubtedly make the entire “hitman” experience more enjoyable.

StatTrak USP-S Kill Confirmed is a skin we shouldn’t talk much about. It is one of the best skins in the game with a unique design.

USP-S Flashback really brings out what this pistol is all about. Ironically it features the peace sign on the pistol grip and the huge SHHH! Caption on the silencer. The color is, of course, green and black.

Glock 18 Skins

Glock 18 is by far the most frequently used gun in CS:GO. The small and compact gun is a perfect playground for skin designers.

Glock-18 Fade is one of the skins with a unique look. It makes the gun colorful and can help your enemies remember you in every game.

Glock-18 Death Rattle is inspired by a rattlesnake. It features its colors and unique skin pattern. Finally, a look that does justice to this deadly pistol. Lunde Studio shares a lot of valuable information from gun experts, so make sure to check them out if you want to see more badass gun designs!

P2000 Skins

At last, we have the tactical P2000 pistol, which is perfect for close-quarter combat. The top skins for this pistol go as follows.

P2000 Handgun is a skin that features a blue color, making the pistol a lot more attractive. There’s even the BOOM! Caption done in bold letters right where everyone can see it.

Souvenir P2000 Chainmail is one of the rare jewels in the world of CS:GO pistol skins. It makes the entire pistol look as if it was made out of chainmail.


Our top CS:GO pistol skins barely scratch the surface of the variety of skins for pistols in this game. Every pistol has a set of unique skins able to completely alter its look and player experience. The abundance of available skins makes finding the skins that you personally love the most very tricky.