Drains are mainly located in the kitchen and bathrooms – the spaces which are used the most in any house. The blockage of drains due to certain reasons can be a nuisance and if very severe, may end you up spending a pretty penny— thus better try to avoid the occurrence of any drain-related problems. However, if you feel something is already wrong, do not ignore and take actions without any delay. If the damage is already done too much extent, it’s best to call the experts for immediate help.

The signs that may indicate a blocked drain are almost similar for both kitchen and bathroom drains but the reasons behind the blockage may vary.

What Blocks The Drain Of Your Kitchen Sink?

The causes may be soap, grease, dirt from washing vegetables and fruits, food particles or the little leftover content on the dishes adding up to cause the blockage.

What Blocks The Drain Of Your Bathroom?


In the case of the toilet, the blockage may be due to toilet paper, paper towel, wipes or feminine hygiene products.


Hair, soap and toothpaste may be the reasons behind the drain blockage in case of sink and tub.

Now that you know what are the possible causes of drain blockage, let’s have a look at the signs that indicate that your drain is blocked.

Sluggish Drainage

If the water in the sink, bathtub or commode does not drain fast ( the way it should) and you notice slow drainage, know that there is something down there that is causing the hindrance in the flow, leading to partial or no drainage at all.

Backflow Of Water

If there is a backflow of water, it indicates a severe blockage. Water backs up to sink, bathtub, commode and in severe cases, in the shower even. This is not only unhygienic but extremely frustrating as well. If this is the case with your drains, you should know that your drain is blocked.

Puddles Of Water

Due to blockage in one pipe, drainage water may lookout for an alternate way to go somewhere and thus you may find puddles of water on the floor near the sink region, laundry area and commode. You might notice water coming out from beneath commode as well. If you do notice any of these signs in your kitchen or bathroom, you should immediately call a professional to fix your blocked drain.

Bad Odour

If you feel a bad odour in your kitchen or bathroom, you better be asking yourself where is this strange foul smell coming from? It’s probably your drainage. The food debris that builds up down the kitchen drains and later on starts rotting and decomposing leads to that bad odour. You might find it more intense every time you turn the tap on and water passes through it. If you have been noticing a bad odour lately, get your drains checked by a professional for blockage.

Gurgling Noises And Water Bubbles

Water bubbles and gurgling noises in drains, plugholes, pipes and flushes upon the flow of water act as indicators of the underlying drain blockage. These are because of the air trapped inside producing negative air pressure because of all the accumulation and thus when water tries to displace it, it results in the formation of bubbles and the sound.

Damp Pipes

Because of very little or no flow, the pipes might start to leak and as a result, stay damp all the time. Pipes may appear damp and eventually burst.

If you notice any of the above in your kitchen or bathroom, take actions immediately rather leaving it on time believing it will work out itself— it will not! Do regular cleaning to avoid drainage problems considering your drainage system, once a week or month. Drain inspection is necessary, thus keep looking out for the signs anyway.

The above-mentioned signs would serve to be your saviour to pretty much extent as some of these may indicate an underlying problem at a very early stage when you can save yourself from big damage. Whether the problem is localised to the fixtures or it is in the sewer line, you need to find that out to take actions accordingly. Remember – if you leave it unattended, the problem will only get worse with time and the consequences could be terrible.