Knowing the dos and don’ts of the online gaming realm will help newcomers fit in and enjoy their gaming experiences more than if they enter the space blind

Online gaming is now a fully-fledged form of entertainment, regularly outstripping the likes of music and film when it comes to downloads and participation numbers.

However, as is the case in any burgeoning industry, it has taken time for communities of gamers to come up with workable rules of etiquette and sportsmanship. This has led to some multiplayer games being dismissed due to their toxic community feel or because the game itself engenders a bad overall vibe.

Things are changing, though, as the good will of the majority of gamers shines through to create a space that is both safe and fun for anyone who wishes to get involved.

It goes without saying then, that displaying toxic behavior in a gaming lobby is very much a big “don’t” in the online gaming sphere. But what else is viewed as a faux pas in the online gaming world, and conversely, what is seen as a positive “do”. All is revealed below, as we reveal the dos and don’ts of an entertainment sector that is only set to grow and grow in the years and decades ahead.

Do: Research a Gaming Genre Before Leaping in Feet First

One of the key things to remember for any fledgling online gamer is that choosing a gaming genre or individual game is as much of a commitment as buying any other product or subscription service would be. This is because many games can be time consuming affairs or may require a gamer to dedicate themselves in order to reach an elite level of gameplay. This is particularly true of classic online games such as chess, slots, and backgammon, all of which come with their very own list of dos and don’ts when it comes to how to play and what to expect from their various iterations and editions. The more research you do ahead of opening an account or signing on the bottom line of a monthly gaming subscription, the more enjoyment you will get from gaming, knowing that the game or genre of game you have chosen is the perfect one for you.

There are lots of free ways to find this out: such as free online gaming blogs and review sites, as well as free content posted on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, where professional content creators divulge the ins and outs of certain games. Once your mind is made up about which game it is that you wish to play, then there is nothing stopping you from following your convictions and getting your gaming journey underway.

Do: Build a Comfortable and Ergonomic Gaming Station

If you plan to play online games for less than an hour each day, then you probably do not need to worry too much about the quality of your gaming setup.

However, while most online gamers might like to think that they will not stray beyond the one-hour mark during their gaming sessions, most button or key bashers find themselves being so absorbed by the titles they play that they will spend long hours in front of their respective screens.

It is, for this reason, that building an ergonomic gaming station is of the utmost importance, especially for anyone that is susceptible to back pain issues or problems related to poor posture. The most important things to invest in are a supportive gaming chair, as well as an adjustable desk, so that rather than gaming in a seated position all the time, the player in question can stand while they tear through a lobby. This enables blood to circulate better and also means that the body gets a decent workout rather than being docile for long periods of time.

Other factors to take into account include adequate lighting so that a gamer does not strain their eyes while playing, as well as a keyboard, a mouse, and a webcam, the latter being just in case you wish to begin creating live streaming content down the line.

Obviously, if you have a spare room in your abode then it is always a good idea to have your gaming station separate from a living room or other space where distractions could interrupt your gameplay. A separate gaming space also ensures that noises from any game you play do not seep out into the rest of the house, where people may be sleeping or trying to read.

Playing a game for a long time is what’s often known as “the grind”, but sometimes it is worth abandoning the grind in favor of something new and fun

Don’t: Keep Playing a Game if it Makes You Unhappy

It is one thing to be dedicated, but quite another to be overly obsessed with a certain game, and yet that is the situation that many online gamers find themselves in. This is because they spend months or years becoming experts at a certain game and are then loath to leave it behind, even when it begins to get on their nerves.

Although leaving an old ex behind can sometimes be painful, it is ultimately necessary for gamers to move on and find a fresh game they can get their proverbial teeth into.

Do: Use Discord and Twitch to Join Gaming Communities

Gaming does not have to be a lonesome pursuit, with more and more gaming communities springing up all the time. While there are clubs and communities flourishing at land-based esports venues, the most vibrant communities tend to exist online, on platforms such as Twitch and Discord.

It is highly advisable for new or even experienced gamers to dive into such communities, as they can often help a player hit new heights and have plenty of fun in the process. Isn’t that what online gaming should be all about in the first place?

Don’t: Pass Up the Chance to Try VR Games

Last but not least, it is the right time to take the plunge and join the VR revolution. Headsets are now light enough for users to wear and won’t burn a hole in their wallets either. Games like Half-Life: Alyx is just too good to pass up on!