If you are a lover of video games, then you must have heard about Half-Life 2.

Half-Life 2 is a first-person shooter game that was developed in 2004 by Valve. The game comprises of shooting, storytelling, puzzles, and other features such as vehicles and so on.

Half-Life 2 is not your ordinary type of video game developed by a wannabe on a laptop at their home’s basement. It is loved for its advanced features such as high-quality animation, sound, graphics, and physics. The advanced features have enabled the game to win the game of the year award, and it has been cited as one of the greatest games of all time.

How do you play the game?

While playing the game, the players control Gordon Freeman who fights the aliens together with allies such as resistance fighter Alyx Vance. They use various weapons such as the object manipulating gravity gun.

The player starts without any items, but as you continue playing and in the course of the game, you will build up your arsenal in terms of rewards. The game’s reward system was made more exciting and rewarding with more options that can be misled or avoided.

Note, there are various sets of enemies in the game. Some will come in groups, and other forms and they will try to conquer the player. Other enemies will hide so as to swiftly attack the player while other enemies will fly directly to the player through corridors and tight openings.

As such, as the player, you need to be very cautious and alert. Gordon can use his weapon to kill the enemies. He can also use other indirect methods that will help him deal with his enemies. These may include improvised traps, gas fires, and explosive pressurized canisters.

In two sections of the game, the player will be driving vehicles. At some part of the game, Gordon will acquire a gravity game which he uses to draw objects that are far from him towards him or to push them away. The gravity gun also gives him to deal with large objects which would be a challenge for him to manipulate if he did not have the weapon. The abilities are used in solving puzzles later in the game.

Most of the backstory in the game is told using the environment. As the player, you can control Gordon all through the game.

How does the game unfold?

Years back, Gordon Freeman and other scientists accidentally opened a portal of aliens at the Black Mesa Research Facility. The world is taken over by the combine aliens who enslave the earth. As the Combine aliens are enslaving the earth, other live forms of aliens also slipped through.

One such live form of the alien is the Head Crab which takes over the body of its victims and turns them into mindless zombies. It is not until they are about to die that the humans turned to zombies by the alien begin to regain control of their bodies. The parasitized humans will scream to be relieved from this horror and to regain control of their bodies.

In order to deal with the resistance of the city of Ravenholm, the Combine sends more rocket bombs filled with head crabs.

By the time the player gets to the city of Ravenholm, all the citizens have been taken over by the head crabs except for one person: Father Grigori. Father Grigori is the one who helps Gordon survive in the zombie-infested city of Ravenholm.

Father Grigori

Father Grigori is a character in the Half-Life 2 game. You get to see him at the Ravenholm chapter of the game.

Father Grigori is a middle-aged man who dresses in traditional clothing and red converse sneakers with head crab ooze. He wears a crucifix around his neck as a symbol of his religious position and outlook. His religious position is seen as turning extreme as he tries to return his congregants (now zombies) to their human state and relieve them from the zombie form.

On both his hands, he has scars in the form of a cross. Father Grigori has the appearance of an Eastern Orthodox priest. As he tries to help his zombified congregants and save their soul, Father Grigori shoots them on the head with a large short gun.

Father Grigori has been disturbed by the site of citizens of Ravenholm turning into zombies. As such, he does not seem to be in his usual state of mind. From time to time, he can be heard ranting and uttering disjointed biblical references (a shepherd must tend to his flock, especially when they have grown unruly) and laughing while hunting down the zombies.

In the Ravenholm city chapter, Father Grigori can be seen standing at a high vantage point from where he kills the zombies. He is vulnerable from attacks from the zombies such as the fast zombie as he uses a weapon with limitations that require him to reload it frequently after every two shots.

However, he is hard to kill as he has regenerating health just like Alyx Vance. When he is overwhelmed by the attacks from the zombies, Father Grigori cries in anguish and requests for support from other players.

Since his weapon does not have a scope, Father Grigori uses his powerful weapon to shoot zombies at mid-range mostly when he is retreating from an attacking zombie.

After fighting several groups of zombies, Gordon finally meets Father Grigori above zombie corpses. Father Grigori tells Gordon that he is free to use his traps, but he should take care not to get trapped by them himself.

Father Grigori also saves Gordon by shooting a fast head crab that was about to attack him from behind and tells him that he needs to be vigilant while in the city of Ravenholm. He also gives Gordon a short gun and advises him to aim for the head while attacking the zombies.

At last, Father Grigori can be seen telling Gordon to get going while he moves in through fire frames while still shooting zombies. It is not clear what happened to him finally, but his fate is left for the players to decide.

If you a lover of games, then you should try the Half-Life 2 game. Father Grigori is a character in the game who appears in the Ravenholm chapter. He was a priest in the city of Ravenholm before the Combine attacked using head crabs. He fights the zombies and ends up helping Gordon Freeman to survive the zombie attacks in the city.