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If you like MMA, either as a fan or a fighter yourself, there are some excellent MMA video games on the market right now. Some of them are based on the UFC, whereas others are based on specific fighters or even combat movies.

Read on to discover the best MMA video games in 2020 that are perfect for combat fans. With video gaming now known to provide lots of health benefits, there’s no reason not to play!

A Brief History of Combat Games

Fighting games have always been popular throughout the last few decades. Arcade-style combat games were all the range in the 80s, which were then overtaken by video console fighter games in the 90s (and still today). The Street Fighter series is the perfect example in how timeless these type of games are: from the start in the arcade halls in the 80s, to movies in the 90s, leading up to the newly released slot named Street Fighter 2.

EA Sports and many other developers have catapulted the genre to new levels, primarily through UFC and MMA games that have been released over the last decade.

The Best MMA Video Games

#1: UFC Undisputed 3

Most people regard this UFC game as the best ever made. One of the remarkable aspects of it is the career mode where you are given five years to make it in the big time. The only criticism this MMA video game receives is how bloodthirsty it is. Some say that it draws on the darker side too much and doesn’t highlight the sport in the best light.

#2: Pride Fighting Championship

Pride Fighting Championship is one for the nostalgic gamers among us. A Japanese firm created it just after the turn of the century. Despite its age, the gameplay is highly fluid. And one of the best parts of the game is the real fighters it includes – 25 of them to be exact. You can fight with names like Don Frye, Ken Shamrock and Kazushi Sakuruba!

#3: EA Sports UFC 3

But the best game for fluidity and responsiveness is hands down the EA Sports UFC 3 game. With McGregor on the cover, you know this game will pack a punch, kick and some more. It also has a fantastic career mode which is highly detailed. It even has realistic elements from outside the octagon, including the chance to create fierce rivalries.

#4: EA MMA

EA MMA is a unique video game because it is the only one that comes with a type of levels – kind of. Entering the game, you will be taught different moves and techniques before progressing. It is also an innovative way to begin a career mode on the game, and despite its age, something that has not been replicated again.

#5: UFC 2010 Undisputed

The prequel to this video game was often criticised for being too complex to play. The response was more straightforward gameplay that becomes more enjoyable. Some of the flagship features of this version are the 100+ real fighters to choose from and a career mode where you must balance training with fights.