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A power off break is a very specific kind of break that is usually used in a short axle shaft. Normally it is the preferred form of break when there is a limited amount of space either in a vehicle or a specific machine.

If you’re a mechanic, it is essential to know how power off brakes function as well as the best time to use them.

What Is A Power Off Brake And How Do They Work?

If you’re slightly confused about what a power off break is, it is important to note that power off brakes also go by the name holding and fail-safe brakes. Power off brakes can be life-saving because they will hold the machinery that they’ve been placed into and one spot when their energy source has suddenly been cut off. This means that the power off brakes are intelligent enough to turn off a vehicle or a piece of Machinery when something only goes awry and the energy of that machine has been stopped.

Most power off braids are created where they will not engage if a proper amount of air pressure is being given to the other brakes for the appropriate pounds per square inch. However when that air pressure goes missing, automatic Springs will engage to put forth onto a sequence of drive disc and will engage the necessary friction pads. This will ensure that the right amount of torque is provided so that the machine’s functions will completely halt and hold still.

To make sure that your machinery is receiving the best results from your power off brakes, you’ll wat to research if a custom power off brake is the best option for you.

Why Is A Customized Power Off Brake Important?

Each machine is different oh, so it is essential that each one of your machines has a specific power off break that has been created for it to ensure that your machine will be able to stop automatically at the appropriate time. Additionally you will want to work with a company that is able to take advantage of any radial space that is available within the machine and talk with the company that is put in your power off brake to ensure that the required torque capacity is being met. FB company that you are talking with about your power off brakes is unable to ensure that the length of the break will be slightly just over 3 and 2, then they may not be the appropriate company for your machineries needs.

Other Advantages Of Power Off Brakes

Although it is true that a power off break will cost slightly more than your normal form of break, these brakes can be installed quickly. This is important because it will not allow for your production line to be out of commission for long. Without a power off break, there is a possibility that one of your machines could overheat and be seriously damaged. This means that your line will be down for far longer, and cost you more money than if you’d used a power off brake in the beginning.