There is a reason why we often call dogs our best friends. Our four-legged balls of fur are always by our side, day and night, whether we are healthy or sick. They are with us when we are sad and need comfort, and they are great for protection and companionship. Dogs are also very social animals who need lots of love and attention from their owners.

If you own a dog, then you know that it is important to make time for them every day. Why not enjoy a fun dog game with them every day? Keep reading for some fun games you and your best friend can play together. Change it up to keep your dog on their toes. This way, neither one of you will get bored!

Treat Dispensing Toys

Every dog loves a treat now and then, so why not make it a bit of a challenge for them? Treat dispensing toys are not just fun for your dog. These types of toys also help them use their brains. There are many toys on the market that will stimulate their sense of smell and sight as they search their toy for a treat. The Pampered Pup can also provide you more treats up your sleeve so you’ll keep the fun going.

Hot and Cold

You likely remember the “hot and cold” game from when you were a child, right? Well, your dog will have a great time playing the same game! This particular game involves using vocal tones and communication skills to guide your dog to a hidden toy or treat. First, hide a toy or treat in the room you are both in when your dog isn’t looking. Next, speak in a calm tone when your dog gets further away from the hidden item. As they get closer, switch to a more excitable tone. This isn’t just a fun game for your dog! The more you play it, the more your dog will understand the language between you both. After they get used to how the game is played you can begin to find more complicated hiding spots.

Hide and Seek

Another game you likely remember playing as a child is good old hide and seek. You can now play it with your dog after they learn to sit and stay. Ask them to sit in a spot while you look for a hiding spot within earshot. Then, call out to your dog to come look for you. It usually doesn’t take very long since dogs have a very strong sense of smell. When they find you, give them a small treat. After a few games, pick out harder spots to make it more exciting for them. They’ll love looking for their owners!

Tug of War

Tug of war is a great game to play with your dog, inside and outside. Contrary to popular belief, this game does not encourage your dog to be aggressive. There is one rule, however. A game of tug of war should always end if your dog touches your skin with their teeth. This helps them learn boundaries as they are playing. The best part of this game is that you can play it with a number of items, such as a chew toy, rope, or old piece of fabric. We can almost guarantee you will wear your pup out!

Water Games

Most dogs enjoy playing in and around water, so use this to your advantage on a warm day. If you have a dog-friendly lake, beach, or other body of water near you, head there with some toys to play fetch with. Get in the water with your dog if you want, or throw their toy into the water from the edge. Just make sure your dog is always in view. It doesn’t take long for accidents to happen.

If you aren’t near a body of water, a hose or sprinkler can be just as amusing for your pup! If you’re using a hose, make sure your dog is not intimidated by the strong flow of water. Consider getting an attachment that allows you to adjust the stream if this happens. Or, turn on the sprinkler and let your dog run in and out of the stream. They will love this game when the weather is hot and sticky.

Blow Bubbles

While your dog won’t be able to blow bubbles themselves, they will likely get a huge kick out of trying to catch them! Start by pointing out the bubbles to your dog as you blow and catch them yourself. They’ll soon catch on to the game. They’ll get tons of exercise as they jump and spin to catch bubbles in the air, and you’ll enjoy a tired dog who needs a nap when you’re ready to go inside. Just make sure your dog doesn’t ingest too much of the bubble solution. You should also wipe off their face when you are finished so the solution doesn’t get in their nose or eyes.

Create an Agility Course

Your dog will receive a lot of mental stimulation when you create their own agility course. If you have the room to do so inside, great. If not, you can set one up in your yard for them to enjoy. An agility course can easily be made from a few simple household items. For example, a hula hoop can be used to jump through while you can set up some chairs for your dog to weave around. You can open up large boxes for them to run through or set up a stool for them to stand on. There are plenty of DIY tutorials online when you want to create your own course, and your dog will have a ton of fun learning how to maneuver through it!

Play Frisbee

An easy game that your dog will enjoy is playing with a Frisbee. As a safety precaution, you may want to start out with a soft disc if your dog has never played before. Regular Frisbees are made of hard plastic and can hurt if your dog gets hit in the face with one. Many dogs enjoy chasing after objects, so playing Frisbee will be a great deal of fun. It also encourages them to run longer distances, a bonus when you have a rambunctious pup on your hands.

Play Fetch

While it may be the oldest game in the book, every dog will have a great time playing a game of fetch. Best of all, you can use basically anything you want, from a dog toy to a bone to a soft stuffed animal and more. Many dogs have an instinct to retrieve items and bring them back to their owners, so this type of game plays into those natural impulses. Fetch is also great for their coordination and will help keep their brain active.

Flirt Pole

This game is perfect when you are inside and don’t have a lot of space to play. A flirt pole looks like a long fishing rod with some type of dog toy on the end. If your dog isn’t a big fan of playing fetch, try this option instead. Your dog will get the fun and exercise they need, and you won’t have to exert a ton of energy. You can also incorporate a gentle game of tug of war after your dog catches the toy at the end.