Your business deserves to soar high all the time. It deserves to be at the forefront of the competition. It deserves to win.

But, along the way, as a business owner, you can’t help but encounter hurdles such as finding the right developer. Your team does not always have the experts for this. So, you can usually find yourself outsourcing these development services somewhere else.

Say goodbye to the challenges of tapping a good developer for your business. Say goodbye to the endless search for a developer that can turn the vision of your business into a reality. Introducing Here’s our honest review of this platform. But first, let’s learn the basics.

What Is A Developer Or Dev?

Also known as computer programmers, software developers – or simply programmers – software codes or software engineers, developers are individuals who create and build software and apps. Usually, they write, debug, and execute a software application’s source code.

Developers are key individuals – and minds – behind various software applications. Generally, they will be very well-versed in at least one programming language, as well as proficient in the arts of restructuring and developing software code for a software or program.

Their primary job role is to write code, but they may also gather requirements for software, design, or software architecture, documentation and other related processes in software development, overall.

Why Are Developers Sometimes Difficult To Find?

The industry where these developers belong is filled with great talent, but it is also true that businesses struggle to find skilled developers sometimes. Occasionally, some of these developers may have the knowledge, expertise, and skills but lack the abilities matched for the job.

According to TalentNow, a unified marketplace that connects employers to talent, the hardest skill sets that recruiters of companies find challenging to hire include big data, analytics, security, and legacy systems.

But your business does not need to go through this struggle. What if you have a one-stop platform where you can find a developer that perfectly matches the specific needs of your business? Meet

Overview Of is the preferred platform of businesses and aspiring developers. You’ll learn more about these a little later. Well, basically, entrepreneurs can use to hire trusted developers on demand.

This platform tests every developer who applies to be part of its network. Meaning to say, instead of you going through tons of CVs and GitHub accounts in the hopes that you’ll find a dev that fits your team, you can focus on what’s truly important – your business!

Working with gets you working with somebody it has gotten to know, not just on the surface but personally. This is how it is capable of offering suitable candidates way faster than any platform like on the market.’s Prominent Clients

When we say that, we really mean it. has helped over 500 startups and digital agencies develop their innovative products, scale, and keep up with the beat of growing workloads.

Its biggest clients include:

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Pfizer
  • Airbnb
  • Netflix
  • LEGO
  • Google
  • adidas
  • Intel
  • Uber
  • Forbes

Talk about big. Amazing, right?

How It Works At

You may perhaps have heard of other platforms like this that clumsily “match” you with devs. You won’t experience this when you choose to work with

It connects entrepreneurs and startup owners with experienced, thoroughly vetted developers or software engineers.

It does it amazingly. First, it reviews the resumes of the developer candidates in detail. Those who lack outstanding experience do not make the cut. Plain and simple.

Then, those who made it to the next round undergo a screening call to evaluate their soft skills and language proficiency. Very important.

Third,’s very own in-house developers test the hard skills of those who qualified further. Lastly, the platform only accepts remote developers who are passionate and committed to the work that will be given to them. This way, you only get connected to the talented and deserving devs.

Moreover, businesses also get regular weekly reports, so you know your business is on track. Plus, did we mention’s super reliable customer support should you encounter concerns along the way?

More Things To Love On

Unique Website Design

As soon as you log into the website, you will be welcomed by a well-thought-out design. To say that it’s unique is an understatement. Do you know why?

Well, you can see it for yourself.’s web design is inspired by the mysticism of cults – think of the Illuminati, maybe? Now, what other platform can think about that design? While this theme isn’t in any way related to the reliability of its services, it catches the attention of any client more than many other platforms of this kind can.

Find words and phrases like, “Skip hiring hell,” “We review our secret sect of divine devs,” “We worship the incredible unions our clients form with our freelance developers,” and so much more.

No-Risk Services

Security and the satisfaction of its clients lead’s business model. You can connect with them if you encounter any issue with the work delivered by the freelancer dev matched to you.

In addition, you can also examine the developer’s resume, conduct an interview with them, and get a detailed estimate for free. No upfront or service fees. Services. No risks.

Easy And Fair Payment System

With, you get the best value for your money. The platform’s systems work similarly to a weekly or monthly subscription. You could make your payments using your credit card or via Stripe.

There’s More! Is Also A Platform For Freelancers

You’ve heard about the good things about for businesses. But did you know that it is also a platform for freelance developers? That’s right. also provides opportunities for those who are looking for them.

Any aspiring developer who wishes to find an honorable source of income can sign up at Hourly rates are honest and fair, and it doesn’t work like is biased toward businesses alone.

It’s very easy to sign up. First, register and wait for to review your application. Then, pass the following: the 15-minute English test, a live interview, and an interview with one of’s in-house devs. That’s it. You’ll be ready in no time.

The Verdict

Overall, provides a valuable solution for companies looking for remote developers. It dramatically emphasizes quality to ensure you are connected with the skilled and most talented professionals who are also passionate about your work. is highly recommended. As this platform says, “You are the hero of your story.”