Young people playing video games on computers indoors. Esports tournament

The eSports trend has been sweeping the world for some years now, with gamers finally having opportunities to turn their favorite hobby into a real career. Of course, not all video games fall into the category of eSports and only gamers who excel at certain games can actually profit from them, but the eSports market is clearly growing by the day.

Today, League of Legends, Dota 2, CS: GO, Fortnite, and many other games offer players an opportunity to make gaming more than just a hobby. There are quite a few ways you can get involved with eSports, so we take a look at what those are and how you can get started.

Being a Professional eSports Player

Originally, the only way to make anything out of eSports was to actually get involved, become really good, and become a professional eSports player. Making it as a pro player is very difficult as only a small number of the very best players can actually become professional players and sign with the big teams that can afford to pay their players.

The most difficult path in eSprots can also be the most lucrative however, as the top players have earned millions of dollars in prize money, team contracts, and sponsorships over the years. Today, the number of eSports tournaments you can take part in is bigger than ever, and opportunities for pro players are growing by the day.

Fans Can Also Capitalize

Being a fan of eSports or a recreational player who likes to watch the pros battle it out can also be very profitable. By knowing what is happening in the community and understanding the games better than others, you can bet on eSports and actually make a profit this way.

Of course, like any sports betting, this comes with some risks and can be dangerous as well. Yet, if done in a smart and responsible way, eSports betting can be more lucrative than other forms of sports betting, since the bookies can never be as smart about creating the odds for these events as they can for traditional sports.

Building a Fan Base

If you are a fun person and have what it takes to keep an audience interested in watching you play, you are probably sitting on a pile of cash you didn’t even know existed. Video games streaming is a massive hit these days, and whether you do it live or post videos of your gameplay on YouTube, there is a lot of money to be made by creating content for the fans of eSports.

The best thing about streaming and content creating is that there are so many different opportunities for gamers. You can stream your professional eSports matches or just play recreationally and still create a huge fan base. The most entertaining streamers are drawing in massive crowds just to watch them play and have some fun with the other fans in the chat, and they don’t even have to be exceptionally good at the game they are playing.

In fact, when it comes to streaming, you should understand that your ability to play may be secondary and your ability to entertain your fans will play a bigger part. If this is the route you prefer to take, than start watching some streams and get an idea for what it is the viewers like to see on their streams.