Are you looking to find an internet service provider that offers, high internet speed, a no-contract policy, unlimited internet, and amazing features? We are listing down WOW! internet, Spectrum Internet, and Windstream Kinetic Internet options that has it all.

Why WOW! internet?

When you think about checking the credibility of any company, the first thing that you look into is their repute, and client management or number. WOW! is a regional internet provider with over 80000 users, which speaks a great deal for the company’s repute in the market.

Award-Winning Customer Support

While investing in an internet service provider, the most important factor is to look out for, is the kind of customer support that they have to offer. No matter how famous an ISP is, internet issues always occur once in a while, due to uncontrolled circumstances such as, severe weather conditions that cause outages. WOW! offers 24/7 customer support that gives a sense of relief, no matter when you face an issue, simply report it to the customer service department.

Three internet packages

The three internet speeds that are offered by WOW! include, 200 Mbps, 500 Mbps, and 1000 Mbps or 1 gig. You can choose any internet speed of your choice, the promotional discounted rates or price for these speeds are, $49, $59 and $70 respectively, these prices will last for 1 or 2 years.

Freedom to bundle up

WOW! does not restrict their users and they are free to customize their bundle plans. For instance, you can only sign up for the internet or choose their cable TV or home phone service as well. It can be two services or all three, all depending on your requirement, which is a great deal.

Unlimited Data

One of the reasons behind their success is their unlimited internet data. It is a user-friendly feature as it sets you free from the hassle of paying anything extra because if there’s a set limit and you cross it, you’ve got to pay extra charges for that. That’s not the case with the WOW! internet.

Free installation and money-back guarantee

WOW! is probably the only regional provider that offers free installation on all orders that are placed online. The free installation enables you to save a hefty charge of up to $70 additional. Another amazing factor is that they offer a trial period of the whole month, you’ll only be charged if you’re satisfied with their services. Isn’t that a great thing?

Why Spectrum Internet?

Charter Spectrum broadband internet needs no introduction. It is one of the huge telecommunication companies that offer internet, cable TV, home phone, and mobile phone services. They’re operating in 40 plus states with over 1 million users. Apart from the fact that they’re a very well-known provider, they have much more to offer.

Three internet packages

Spectrum offers three internet packages that include speeds of 200 Mbps, 400 Mbps, and 1 GIG. Their prices start from $49 and reach up to $109 for 1 GIG. You can take advantage of high-speed packages at discounted rates. The promotional period lasts for 1 year with Spectrum.

No contracts

Contracts that are presented by ISP’s restrict you and they sound very exhausting because you’re restricted under a contract for a specified period. Spectrum has a smooth policy that requires no contracts. They not only provide amazing services, but they also provide peace of mind by giving a no-contract policy. You’ll use their services on your terms.

Unlimited data

Internet data limit is another factor that can be suffocating because it is difficult to keep track of the data limit. Spectrum offers unlimited internet data, you can download without any hassle, worries, or restrictions. You won’t be charged anything extra.

Free App and Wi-Fi

If you get a free App that provides you with the features to manage your account, it becomes a great help. Spectrum offers a free mobile app that allows you to manage your account, equipment and stay updated about any outage news. You can also pay your bills through your app. You can also log into your account and use the nearby hotspots to use your internet while you’re away from home.

Free Internet modem

Spectrum offers a free spectrum modem that lets you save a monthly charge for the modem. No matter which package you’ve got, you’ll get a free modem along with it.

Free anti-virus

We all want a safe virtual experience, that is offered by Spectrum as they offer free anti-virus to keep your devices protected from viruses.

Why Windstream internet?

Windstream kinetic internet is a fiber-optic connection and they have over 85000 users at the moment. They’re offering services in around 17 to 18 states. It is an ideal option for uninterrupted high internet speeds.

Different speeds

The internet speeds are different for each location but we can give you an idea that it starts from 25 Mbps and reaches up to 1 Gig.

No contracts

Windstream requires no contract and you’re free to use services without the fear of any ETF. You can use services for as long as you need.

Unlimited Data

Windstream provides unlimited internet data and there are no restrictions on the downloads.

Wrapping Up

We’ve mentioned our favorite ISP’s for you depending on the benefits that a user gets after choosing them. You may choose the one that you like the best.