We don’t need to be chefs to understand the rare importance of a grill cover, especially when considering the factors leading up to its invention. Grilling is a method of cooking in which dry heat is applied to the food surface, whether from the side, below, or above. Unlike other cooking methods, it involves direct cooking with heat. It is mainly used for cooking meat laced with grilling sauce. The grill is the device used for grilling, while grill covers make sure the grill stays protected when not in use.

In any case, deciding whether to use a grill cover or not is a bit technical. But by the time we’re done considering the functions and factors that make using a grill cover necessary, you will have discovered whether or not you need one.

Climatic Elements

There are chances that where you live has either hot or humid climatic conditions. It is humid when the weather is damp, not hot or tropical. The most important use of a grill cover in this condition is protecting your grill when exposed to the weather. When not in use, most people still leave their grill outdoors, meaning it is exposed to damage by rain or even sunshine.

Ensure your grill and grill cover lasts long by protecting them against rain and other elements and always keep them dry to prevent rust. Depending on the area you stay in, your grill cover has to be used regularly. If you are in a rainy area, covering your grill would protect it from the sun and snow.

Maintaining Your Hygiene

Eating hygienic food is one of the several passports to a healthy and long life. You need to keep your grill clean since you eat the meat, barbecue, and vegetables you make with it. Keeping your grill clean and hygienic is another important reason why you need a grill cover.

When you set up a grill near plants or trees, using a grill cover helps keep off tree sap, dust, pollen, water spots, and dirt from finding their way into your grill.  You certainly would not want any of those substances to get into your food and make it unclean. It might be a strenuous task to clean your grill every single day, so a grill cover is your best solution to ensuring your grill stays clean and ready to use when needed.

A grill cover also protects your grill from the elements of nature, fallen leaves, and bird waste that can make it dirty.

Grill Covers Protects Your Grill Against Residue

If your grill is set up next to a lawn or field, you will agree that there are times when the yard has to be mowed, sprayed, or fertilized with chemicals to control its growth.

In situations like this, your grill can be contaminated by the residue of chemicals, fertilizers, and other substances that might be toxic and corrosive to your cooker. However, a grill cover ensures that your grill is safe and free from these poisonous substances that can ruin your food and health.

And now that the reasons why you need a grill cover are clearly settled, it is also essential that you know when to use it. When you have to use your grill cover depends majorly on the following factors:

  1. Dry Climatic Conditions: If you happen to live in a constantly dry location, you are free to leave the grill uncovered. It is generally safer if you cover the grill to prevent coatings of dust or debris from coating the grill. Covering your grill can also prevent damage from rust caused by rain or snow.
  1. Steak to be Grilled: Another factor that determines how you use your grill is the type of steak you need to grill. For example, when grilling a beef rib-eye steak, completely closing the grill is advised to ensure that the steak is cooked thoroughly. The level you cook your steak depends on individual preference. You might want it medium rare or not.

If you enjoy spending time in the kitchen, you will find that some recipes generally include essential tips on maximizing your meat grilling experience. And no better way to do this without a grill cover helps you keep it hygienic and at moderate temperature. This is why buying a grill always includes deciding which grill cover to use, and there are several factors you have to consider.

Generally, it’s better to avoid flannel-lined covers, felt-lined covers, or materials easily susceptible to tear. They are not durable and would need to be changed after a few months of use. Plus, there’s also the risk of having small critters cutting away pieces of your cover to build their nest.

What Type of Material Should Your Grill Cover Have?

  1. Canvas: Canvas grill covers use the same materials in objects like tents and awnings.
  2. Polyester: This is arguably the most common grill cover you ever find.
  3. Vinyl: Vinyl grill covers protect your grill from snow and rain because of their rare waterproof ability.


From the foregoing, it is clear that climate, hygiene, and protection from residue are the major reasons you should use grill covers. Whether it’s a generic grill cover or a custom grill cover, be it from the grill manufacturer or just any generic cover. But if you want a custom cover, you will have to pay a little more than if it were to be merely generic. The benefit here is that your cover will fit your grill like they’re a perfect match.

On the other hand, generic grill covers are manufactured by third parties and are always a great choice for many different grill types. The benefit here is that because it’s nonspecific, it sells at a much cost-effective price, and it’s a win-win for you if you’re lucky to get a cover that fits perfectly.

This would not be a walk in the park, no doubt, because such third-party grills are hardly designed with any particular grill type in mind.