man and woman playing guitars

Let’s face it, we all like to be amused, to be entertained by performing artists, which has been around since early civilizations; Louis XVI had several favorite comedians that made the court laugh at Versailles; monarchs all over the world made sure they had the very best in entertainment, while regular folk also love entertainment.

Enter the digital age

TV and cinema have long been a staple supplier of entertainment for the masses, and it wasn’t until the early 90s that the World Wide Web emerged, which turned out to be a game-changer. Once we figured out we could use ones and zeros to code data and send it through the air or along copper cables, there was no stopping the digital revolution. The data is changed back to C++ or HTML once it arrives at the destination device and the information highway soon hosts many forms of entertainment.

Online porn

Most people will admit to being turned on when watching sex movies, and sextoys just happened to come along to create a sexy ambiance for lovers all over the world. Pornhub is probably the biggest X-rated library on the planet, and you can subscribe for a few dollars a month.

Pay-per-view sporting events

Boxing and MMA host huge pay-per-view cards, with literally millions tuning in for the real-time action; you can also watch PFL, NBA, World Snooker Tournaments, PGA golf tournaments, not to mention cricket and horseracing.

Online gaming

You might already be addicted to Call of Duty and love playing against others spread around the world; real-time action with hi-res graphics – talk to other players in your team with headsets and relive epic battle moments. Online gaming was a relatively slow arrival, largely due to the lack of bandwidth of the early web; now, it is fast becoming a top industry, with VR taking center stage! The Metaverse awaits those who are ready to jump into a digital reality; we will all have a copy of our memories (personality) stored on a drive somewhere, the future is a bit scary!

Virtual reality

It is here! A make-believe world where anything can happen when you put on the VR headset; your new world is code, and with hi-res graphics and the best effects, VR is going to be huge! Google can take you to a headset supplier, and you can explore the crazy world of virtual reality.

Online casinos

Another billion-dollar industry, online casinos offer all the major games and a unique betting ambiance; more and more young people are discovering the thrills of online gambling; open an account, get lots of free bets, and link to your bank account, and you can play at any time of day or night. Some play for the thrill, while others are looking for that life-changing jackpot. Either way, online casinos are cool.

Of course, there will always be venues for live performances and sporting events that will never change, and now, millions can enjoy them thanks to digital tech!