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Are you looking for the best online casino? Are you confused between these two most popular ones? Worry not, because this article is here to help you.

What are online casinos?

Online casinos are virtual versions of the real casinos. They offer classic games as well as the new ones. Real-time betting and jackpots are also available.

Online casinos over real ones?

Are you are a casino enthusiast and don’t find enough time to visit your local casino? Is your workplace keeping you engaged throughout the week? But your passion for gambling is not letting you be at rest? Online casinos are here to help.

You can’t visit casinos, but casinos can visit you!

Online casinos are more reliable, convenient, and much more affordable as compared to traditional ones. The elites and the regular man both are enjoying the wide variety of games they offer. The quick deposit and withdrawal of funds, hundreds of games to choose from, and user-friendliness make them a better choice for gambling and betting enthusiasts.

Brief about Gclub

Gclub is a Thailand-based online casino that has been operating for over ten years now. It has all the required licenses and approvals needed to keep it running. It offers a safe and legal platform for gamble lovers all over the world. Gclub provides a wide variety of games, ranging from classic casino games to the new and popular ones. Gclub has it all!

It also organizes many contests from time to time, which provides a great many opportunities for the players.

This day and night casino has it all: 24×7 support system, safe and fast transactions, a wide variety of games that’ll keep you hooked, everything!

Brief about SCR888

SCR888 is an online mobile casino that was developed in Malaysia by a regional Penang firm. It is available on both Android and IOS.

It, too, offers a wide range of games to choose from (both classics and the new ones) and holds Jackpot contests regularly.

Just like Gclub, it, too, ensures a helpful and reliable support system and safe transactions.

The design of its platforms serves the purpose of ensuring maximum excitement and satisfaction to the players, with the added benefit of winning the jackpot!

If they are so similar, how can we choose between these two?

Is this what you are wondering?

Here’s how:

Let me remind you that SCR888 is only available on mobile phones, unlike Gclub; it is not available on the computer.

Although mobile phones are handy and you can use them to play online casinos anytime, anywhere, when you are back at home, you may feel the need to enjoy the game on a bigger screen as it’ll give you a better, life-like experience.

Gclub ensures that you have an online casino handy in your mobile, but it also ensures that you can access it on your computer.

The website:

There is a massive difference between the websites of Gclub and SCR888. One the one hand, Gclub’s website is extremely user friendly and provides all the necessary information there itself. On the other hand, SCR888’s site offers only details on how to download their application and some self-promotion.

So unless you have the required space in your mobile phones to download their application, you won’t be able to avail of their online casino games.

Apart from this, Gclub’s website is eye-catching and very eye-catching understand. Even a first-time player can easily follow the instructions and information given there.

What about other mobile operating systems?

As mentioned above, SCR888 is only available for IOS and android. But these two are not the only mobile operating systems. Windows and BlackBerry are some of the many popular mobile operating systems. In case you happen to be using any of these, bad news for you; you can’t play SCR888 online casino.

Gclub, however, offers similar services to all the mobile operating systems.

Note: 918Kiss-SCR88 is one of the game providers of Gclub along with many others such as Bacc1688, GoldenSlot, Mega888, Live22, etc. So you can see that Gclub offers a wider variety of games.


Online casinos are becoming more and more popular for self-explanatory reasons. There are tons of online casino platforms available today. So it becomes even more necessary to stay away from the fraud ones and go for the best ones.

Even the legit and popular casinos like Gclub and SCR888 have some minor differences, which can turn out to be significant turn-ons or turn-offs.

Gclub and SCR888 offer almost the same choices except for the first and more necessary ones.

A Nokia user can never go for SCR888. Neither a person with a compact mobile space will. And nor will the real game lovers. Because no matter what anyone says, real gaming happens on the computer only. Mobiles are handy and all, but who doesn’t want to enjoy the big-screen fun, right?

So if you are looking for a more convenient, more easily accessible online casino platform, go for Gclub!