Due to the on-going pandemic, you wear facial masks every day as a precautionary measure against the COVID-19 virus. Are you getting bored with them? The same plain black fabric coverings or those disposable blue and white ones are starting to feel a little worn out. Did you know that you can easily make exciting personalized mask designs with just the tap of your mouse?

You can create your own mask design by working with the right screen-printing company. Find a trusted business that offers several different facial covering styles and an opportunity for you to upload any artwork you’d like to their website. You could print anything on a mask from a favorite slogan to a hand-drawn illustration.

Have you been a gamer ever since you can remember? We’ve been feeling a little nostalgic for all the video games that we all loved as kids, and created a list of retro characters to print on facial coverings.


Admit it, back in the 1990s, when Super Mario World 2 came out, you were blown away by the introduction of the character of Yoshi. The little green dinosaur not only helped you run faster but also fly! And the further you played into the game, you discovered blue, red, and yellow Yoshis — all with special powers. Yoshi was your main companion, and thinking of it probably brings back some fond memories. How cute would it be to put Yoshi on a few facial masks? Whether you prefer the traditional green little guy or one of the blue, yellow, or red Yoshi’s, having the magical Dino on your face covering will trigger conversations when you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, and you’ll keep the masks for a long time to come.

Super Mario Ghosts and Fish

While Yoshi was one of the friendly players in the Super Mario game, there was also a fair share of bad guys. Do you remember those little white ghosts who would follow you through the creepy haunted houses? Or those tiny fish that chased you while you swam back to the pipes that would zoom you back to land? They were the worst! However, those ghost and fish graphics are admittedly adorable, and like Yoshi, bring back some great memories. Carry those little icons around wherever you go by printing images of them onto your facial masks! You’ll love having custom-designed Super Mario masks instead of those boring ones you throw away.

Your Favorite Street Fighter

One of the highest-grossing video game franchises of all time, Street Fighter, has some of the most memorable characters in gaming history. With at least ten different Street Fighter games, there have been many exciting characters to choose as your fighter. Throwback to your early gaming days and print the fierce Cammy or main protagonist Ryu on some masks. Channel some of their street fighting energy while you’re out grocery shopping to quickly pick up what you need without wasting any time.

Have some fun with your facial coverings. Turn your masks into exciting, personal wardrobe pieces with these custom-printing video game ideas!