The latest expansion to World of Warcraft, Shadowlands, has introduced the depths of Torghast, which is in The Maw area. Torghast offers many challenges and rewards, such as Soul Ash, which allows you to craft legendary armor in addition to being a requirement for some quests.

Players ready to tackle Torghast can look forward to an endless dungeon crammed with corridors, monsters, and rewarding items. Every time you visit Torghast you will experience something new, which is great for an unfatiguing experience. World of Warcraft’s Torghast brings a new era of difficulty, so we have a few tips and tricks to share with you to help you plow through.

How can you open the doors to Torghast?

You cannot simply turn up at Torghast and begin taking down monsters along the windiest of corridors, and instead need to complete some prerequisites so the doors will open. As long as you are level 60, you will be able to complete a list of standard quests that will relocate you to The Maw. Here is where you will find a broker we know as Ve’nari, who will provide a list of assignments you’ll need to complete. Once you finish these quests, she will do the honors of opening the portal to Torghast.

It is entirely up to you if you finish the rest of her quests as they are optional. Doing so will build a solid relationship with her, which results in you receiving a permanent upgrade. Although the upgrade makes dungeon runs easier, If you are having a tough time defeating the dungeon, you might consider a Torghast Tower Boost service.

Ready to enter Torghast? Here’s how

This is the easy part once you finish the above quests. After the broker opens the portal, you can join the Torghast lobby by walking directly into the portal from the opposite side to where Ve’nari is standing. You will notice a shard marking on the ground in front of you, which you should walk towards; the right takes you to the second wing while the left arrives at the first.

You can queue for the scene when you are ready. Do it alone or with a team of up to five. At this point, you can select a level to start at.

Behold the spoils of Torghast!

You will encounter a different boss for each wing inside of Torghast, changing each week. You will have to dedicate a three-week cycle to defeat all six bosses. You might get lucky with some bosses dropping the requirements for one memory of the Runecarver or the best-in-slot.

If you complete a new level each week, you will be rewarded with Soul Ash. There are six floors per level, and you can expect to meet the following on any given attempt:

  • By completing the quest objective for each floor you’ll receive Wow Anima elements.
  • Rare elites like Mawrats and Mobs sometimes drop anima Cells.
  • Having a minimum level 3 and completing soul binding will give you a 3-minute higher buff
  • Every level has a number of corridors with its own twists and turns, so if you need to keep tabs on places you have already visited, it might be wise to drop toys or raid markers as a means of tracking.
  • There’ll be plenty of traps to avoid
  • You can expect to find Ashen Phylacteries.
  • To open chests, you will need to tinker with runes or levers to receive Anima powers.
  • There are mini-bosses on each floor. Once killed, you will get entry to the next floor plus Anima Cells.
  • There are brokers on floors three and six.
  • Boss resides on floor six.

Time to get rewarded

Once you clear the last boss, you will receive a Memory of the Runecarver and Soul Ash for use in your character’s class. The reward is only available once for each level. You will also earn Soul Ash and, on occasion, an Anima Cell for the quests you polished off in Torghast.

This is most of what many will need to know about Torghast, but please do not hesitate to drop us a line in the comments below if you have any queries.